2011 Year Ender Vacation

So I just got back from our trip. We went to a lot of places mainly Vigan, Laoag, and Pagudpud.

I really want to blog about it now but I have this mild headache. I’m not yet sure if I’ll do it but I have so much awesome photos that I probably be able to upload on facebook that I’m thinking of just uploading here so I really want to do it.

DAY 1 (Dec 28, 2011): VIGAN! 😀

So we left really early. How early? 12 am. It was a 7 hour trip and the plan was to sleep in the car and be all good when we get to Vigan for breakfast. Problem was I couldn’t sleep at all. Probably because I was excited, that often happens. We had breakfast at Grandpa’s Inn. I ordered longganisa with rice and egg and calamansi juice. It was nice. The warm calamansi juice complimented the longganisa’s taste very well.

Me, my cousin, my mom, and my brother in front of Grandpa’s Inn

After breakfast we went on a kalesa tour. So we visited the famous landmarks in Vigan via kalesa ride. I expected the ride to be a little unpleasant because of the horse. A couple of years ago Jill and I rode a kalesa during the STC famday and it was unpleasant because of the horse’s scent. So first we stopped at this church, I don’t really know what it’s called but the view was great. Next we went to Padre Burgos‘ House, it was a national museum. Some ancient stuff there. A couple of times my mom would tell me stories about how they had those kinds of stuffs before which I think is awesome. I really think it’s awesome to live during that time wherein technology hasn’t really developed yet.

After that we went to this pottery place. I bought a dream catcher in one of the stalls in the place. Then we watched the pottery person do his thing for a while and we left. I think pottery is really interesting. If I were ever given the opportunity and the resources I’d really like to learn that pottery thing. It seems really interesting when I get to watch it in some shows.

We proceeded to the Hidden Garden. Obviously lots of plants there. I wanted to buy a plant, the lucky bamboo thing, but my mom won’t let me. We circled the place and took some pictures. We got a bit thirsty after touring for like 2 -3 hours so we bought some shakes. I picked the papaya shake. It’s weird, certainly tastes like papaya but it’s just weird drinking it. I didn’t finish my shake.

We went back to Grandpa’s Inn and checked in. I haven’t had sleep so I slept and missed lunch. When I woke up it’s around 5 pm already. I changed my clothes and we went to Crisologo street. It’s really a popular street in Vigan because of the colonial houses preserved there. There are a lot of vendors as well. We bought Vigan shirts which had a really great design and it actually reminded me of Justin’s Vigan shirt. I asked him about it and, yeah, we have the same shirt. We’re thinking of doing a same shirt day some day :)) I also saw that one of the stores is selling a bow and arrow set. I wanted to buy one but my mom thought it was too expensive so she didn’t buy me one.

After reaching the end of the populated part of the street, we turned back and looked for a place to eat. We ate at Cafe Leonora which serves a great variety of food and their drinks are cheap. I had pizza and some grilled squid. We had royal bibingka for dessert. I was hoping it’ll be great but it just tastes like tikoy. We did a little exploring after that, we wandered and found ourselves at Vigan’s church and we took some pictures. After that we retired back to our rooms and slept.