Year Ender Vacation pt. 3

Day 3 (Dec 30, 2011): The Road to Pagudpud

How weird is it that after my least favorite day is my favorite day. Anyway what’s not to like about this day? It was a combination of windy and sunny day. I was wearing something I like, I was able to wear my cute tiger tank top with my cardigan because it wasn’t hot outside. I was very much comfortable with my toms. We had this fun trek to the White Rock Formation. The view there was amazing. We stayed at a better resort than expected and the beach was great with no competition on the background. We had awesome shots. AND we ate great food.

Start of the day we left Laoag around 10 and made our way to Pagudpud of course I was sleeping during the drive. First stop was the lighthouse. We climbed til we reached the actual lighthouse. No one was allowed IN the actual lighthouse which is sad because the view would’ve been awesome.

Next we took a long bumpy 3km/miles ride to the White Rock Formation, when we arrived at the parking lot we had a long trek going to the actual White Rock Formation. The path there was same with the car ride, bumpy-ish… ok it was rocky but kinda the same. We took lots of picture on our way. We found the awesomest view in front of the wide sea that a lot of people fail to recognize. So after our windy shoot we proceeded to our destination, we arrived safe but quiet tired. We took our places at the now free spots where other tourists have previously stood. Had awesome GROUP shots yet again. It’s a shame I didn’t have that much solo shots the place was so great the view was great, everything would’ve been awesome if I had a few more shots alone. YES, I am being selfish with the camera. I would’ve wanted some more alone time with it. :))

Anyway after a hundred shots we went back and I swear I’d check my poor toms from time to time. The path was really rocky it felt like my poor toms are breaking the whole time we were walking.

We were back on the road and we were on our way to Pagudpud, yes, I fell asleep. Take note we haven’t had lunch yet and the last thing we ate was breakfast, about 2pm or 3pm we arrived at this good restaurant in Pagudpud, Tartaruga. They had great food, great service, very much recommend to everyone who’s visiting Pagudpud. The only thing that I’d recommend is for them to add more meals in their menu especially for the breakfast stuff. Other than variety everything’s good, we ate there 3 – 4 times. The prices are good as well, we were going to eat at Evangeline’s for dinner but the prices were outrageous so we went back to Tartaruga instead. The staff was very much accomodating, we felt like a VIP. (*I forgot to include it but we went to the windmills:D)

So after eating we checked in at Saud Beach which I was surprised about. But after seeing our rooms, not so much anymore. We were simply paying for the beach which was awesome BTW. As for the rooms they kinda suck and the payment doesn’t include breakfast so totally accommodations with bad showers and less than average beds and beddings and towels. We had a better room at Balay de Blas. Anyway we do spend more time outside. So after settling in I got into my bathing suit, wore this newly bought sundress from Vigan over it, and went to the beach.

We took lots of pictures, sorry for the excessive use but yet again a lot of awesome ones. The next day’s pictures would’ve been awesomer but the settings sucked, I’ll get into that someday.

The waves were great. They’re stronger than the others I’ve seen which prevented us from actually swimming. But we did have loads of fun trying to stand still as the waves try to tumble us down. We would also run away laughing as a big wave comes to get us. Mom took a lot of shots of us and there weren’t much shots of her. I got a lot which I was very satisfied in (if I was a lot less pale). But paleness aside I was satisfied with the pictures. 😀