Boracay/Summer/Holy Week 2013

I’ve been thinking if I should blog about our Boracay trip or not. I originally planned to but I’ve been so engrossed in researching about Paris that I just wanted to blog about Paris instead.

Day 1

We left the house at 3am I only got about 1 hour of sleep since, yeah, I wasn’t able to sleep earlier. I didn’t get any sleep while waiting for boarding nor during the plane ride nor during the bus ride. We had breakfast at Cinnabon before boarding. It wasn’t much of a breakfast but it was food.

We checked in at Boracay Regency then we immediately had lunch at Mesa. We went back to our room and had an afternoon nap since we were all a little tired from the trip going to Boracay. We went parawsailing around sunset and called it a day after that. We didn’t do much doing the first day. Actually we didn’t have much activities per day. We often sleep during the afternoons probably cause I tire easily.


Day 2

I woke up hungry during day 2. It was 3am and breakfast wasn’t until 6am. I decided to eat some junk food while watching a movie in my Dad’s laptop. It was a breakfast buffet at Boracay Regency. I got a lot of bacon, some scrambled eggs, bread and strawberry jam, and a lot of pastries. They had several juices to choose from and I got a few glasses of manga juice.


Day 2 was island hopping day. Our first stop was Crystal Cove. We did a lot of walking at Crystal Cove. Their main attraction were their caves which were a bit submerged in the ocean so you could do a bit of swimming there. We didn’t do much in the first cave because there was a strong wave that got us and my camera wet. We immediately climbed up the stairs and left for the next cave. The 2nd cave had more tamer waves. We got to take some pictures in the cave.





Next stop was the beach near Manny Pacquaio’s Boracay residence. We didn’t like that beach that much. There were some local kids swimming in the beach and they kinda followed us when we decided to take a dip on the other side of the beach. The water had some seaweeds but far less than in Boracay’s main beach. I saw some trash in the water which was also one of the factors why I disliked that beach. We took some pictures and left for the next part of the island.

Our last stop was Puka Beach which was by far my favorite. Compared to Boracay’s main beach the sand was a bit rougher but was passable. There were no seaweeds in the water, more on corals and shells. We took a lot of pictures and did a little bit of swimming.






When we got back from island hopping, I decided to stay at our room and rest. My family, however, decided to go out. They got to try Jonah’s Milkshake which I also wanted to try but not so badly. Their verdict: well it didn’t definitely live up to the hype. But then again it’s my family we’re talking about. I’ve observed that they usually find a restaurant only satisfactory. I’ve rarely hear them comment that a restaurant is excellent or something like that, the same thing can be said about me. :))

Day 3

Again it was a buffet for breakfast. I made sure to get bacon and eggs as always then got other things that were there. We were packed with activities we had parasailing, banana boat and ATV lined up for the day. I was quiet excited with parasailing but things turned out to be a bust. Since we were doing banana boat directly after parasailing, I chose  to not wear my contacts cause I might lose them in the water. I wore my glasses instead but I didn’t wear them while parasailing because I was afraid that they might fall off. I wore my sunglasses while parasailing cause it was okay for me if ever I dropped and lost it. The first few minutes of parasailing was exhilarating. I got some adrenaline rush but after a while my head started aching. Since I was near sighted and had to view only far away sights for a bit of a long period, my theory was, it brought some strain in my eyes and caused my headache. When we were brought down, I felt like  puking. Thank God, I didn’t! I wanted to go back to our hotel room and rest my head but, of course, we couldn’t do that yet. I was supposed to sit out the banana boat since I wasn’t feeling well but then our guide suggested that I tag along so that we can immediately go back to  the beach once we finish the ride.  I only hoped that I didn’t get worse. Well it didn’t and I actually started to feel better. :)) So yey!

After our morning activities we had lunch as Aria. I ordered salmon and mango shake, for dessert I bought an avocado flavored mochiko. We went back to our hotel to rest for a bit and around 4 in the afternoon we went to the ATV station. We waited for a while but it was okay since by the time we get to our destination it’ll be sunset and they say that the view will be better there. Driving an ATV is a  bit similar to driving a car. It’s like a hybrid of a car and a motorcycle instead of a wheel you get the thingymajig of the motorcycle.  My only complaint about the ATV is not regarding the unit but the manner that the activity happened. I wished it was more of a go-kart like experience wherein you could race the other ATV drivers. But no, we were on a official road with real vehicles and we cannot race or go off track.  We must follow our guide and not speed. We cannot overtake the ATV in front of us so it sucks if the one in front of you is taking his/her time as if he/she is strolling in the park.

We had dinner at Kasbah that night. I showed ourawesomeplanet’s review of Kasbah at the Fort to my mom last year and told her I wanted to eat there. She told me that we should save that place for when we go to Boracay. So yeah we finally tried Kasbah and it was good. My parents certainly seemed to have enjoyed it compared to our lunch at Aria. I was a bit sad that I wasn’t able to try their Watermelon, Feta and Olive Salad as well as their Lamb Tangine since they unfortunately didn’t have those. Still it was a nice meal. We walked for a bit after eating and got to see more of Station 1 which was good since we were at Station 2 most of the time.

Day 4

Breakfast for the 4th day, I once tried again the hotel’s waffles and it turned out to be great. I had the unlucky coincidence of getting the old batch of waffles that wasn’t so crispy anymore so that’s probably why it was less delicious the first time I tried it. I also toned down on the bacon and eggs to give room for the other pastries and stuff that I wasn’t able to try yet.

For our last day, we went back to Puka Beach and took a lot of pictures. It was windy when we went there, so windy that I had to bundle up and try to cover myself because the wind was causing the sand to hit every inch of my body that was exposed. I almost lost half of my slippers but then, luckily, my dad found the other half. We went back to the hotel with not much time left for a nap. We had to get ready right away because we were about to check out soon. We had lunch at the same restaurant wherein we had out breakfast and of course it’s still a buffet. I had gelato for dessert and we pretty much spent a lot of time waiting in the lobby.

Around 3pm the shuttle picked us up from the hotel and we were on our way back home. We arrived in Manila late in the evening about 9pm.

The vacation went better than expected and I like that I was pretty much negative about it which made me expect less from the whole thing which in turn made me enjoy more cause I didn’t get disappointed with almost anything. 🙂

** I’ll uplaod the pictures for Day 3 & 4 during another time since I really have to sleep now :))

*** It looks like I won’t be able to update this post for the photos anymore. It’s been a year and I lost my original copy of the photos.