Euro Trip – Day 3

Day three is our first of many long hour bus rides. From Rome we’re going to Venice which was a good six hour drive. As a side trip we’re stopping over at Pisa.



Pisa is famous for the Leaning Tower.



We took a couple of shots with it on the background before it started drizzling.

As it was lightly raining we decided to eat at a nearby restaurant. Since we weren’t able to buy the incredible sounding pizza at Rome we decided to grab some here at Pisa. We ordered a 4 cheese pizza. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take some pictures and I don’t even remember the name of the restaurant. The pizza was good. It was a burst of creamy cheesy goodness in my mouth. I ❤ cheese pizza.

After lunch we were back on the road to Venice. That night we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. I didn’t enjoy it that much. It was chaotic inside the restaurant. It was noisy. The servers don’t understand you unless you speak Chinese. The utensils seemed like it wasn’t thoroughly washed. The food was alright. They don’t serve water just tea. All that just so that we can eat rice.

I would’ve preferred if we just dined in a restaurant that serves local cuisine.


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