Be a Cinephile: Jupiter Ascending (2015)

I remember this movie having a small amount of following but because of the delay of the release date over and over again the buzz died down eventually.


I like Channing Tatum. He seems like a really great guy. I loved him in 21 & 22 Jump Street and in the very first Step Up. But when I saw this movie I didn’t really think that he meshed well with the character that he’s portraying. He is playing Caine an interplanetary warrior who was sent by Douglas Booth’s character to kind of save Mila Kunis’ character Jupiter Jones, the lead character of this film, from Eddie Redmayne’s character Balem, the villian. It felt uncomfortable watching him play that stoic character with that funny looking get up.


Mila Kunis playing Jupiter Jones is okay. But I didn’t really like the character. Although it was nice to get a female lead for a sci-fi movie, I didn’t like how she kind of needed to be rescued and protected all the time. We’re in the 21st century and I thought it was already a standard to have strong female leads. Mila Kunis is full of spunk and sass and to watch her play that kind of female character left me feeling sad. Jupiter just seemed like a weak girl who won the genetic lottery by having a similar DNA with a super rich dead alien who incidentally owned Earth. She was also gullible enough to almost marry the gold digging son of that super rich dead alien. Although she did save the entire human race but I think that’s a prerquisite when you’re a female lead. Overall I think she deserved a better female character to portray.

I think that’s mainly how the movie failed for me. It’s too bad that the areas that failed were major parts of a film so they’re really noticeable when they’re bad and just casts over a big shadow over the rest of the film.

But I want to end things with a positive note so here are the things I liked about this film. I liked the universe where the story is set. It has a very intruiging background. In Jupiter Ascending, planets where people live in are being harvested by a superior race. They harvest the life out of the planet in order to extend their longevity. That’s it. As for the rest of the story I didn’t really find it significant or impacting.

I really like the design and concepts of the settings and the grandiose costume like when Jupiter and Titus wedding ceremony. Another scene I liked was when they were with Sean Bean’s character and Jupiter was weirdly attracting the bees and then they just swarmed and danced around her. Those were visually appealing for me.