Be a Wanderer: Cambodia 2015 Part 1 – Pub Street

We left for Cambodia at around 7 in the evening. It was almost a 3 hour flight to Cambodia. Since Philippines is 1 hour ahead, we arrived at around 9 in the evening at Siem Reap.

Arrival at Siem Reap International Airport
We were picked up by Smarty at the airport since he wanted to meet us during our arrival at Siem Reap. I think our group hit if off right away with Smarty. From the moment we saw him at the airport, he was a jolly person wearing his yellow t-shirt and oozing with enthusiasm despite it being so late in the evening. He dropped us off at Purple Mangosteen and made plans for our day trip to Phnom Kulen the next day.

We didn’t rest right away. After checking in and slightly unpacking we decided to wander around the area. Fortunately we were staying in the Pub Street area so we just walked around. No need to take a tuktuk to anywhere.

We ate at a street stall near a convenience store across Purple Mangosteen. We had some noodles and street food. The noodles tasted like the Pho that I’ve tried before. It also looked a bit similar.


Angkor What Pub

We roamed around some more passing by the center of Pub Street. It wasn’t crowded during that night. There were people in the different clubs but the party wasn’t pouring out in the streets. We were trying to look for a happy pizza restaurant which I’ve read was near the Pub Street area but we couldn’t really find it.


We decided to head back and get some rest since we have an early day the next day. But we noticed that a bar across our place was open so we had some drinks first. Us girls had some sangria and the guys had beer at Picasso Bar. We were playing a guessing game on the nationality of the owners. They were Australian, should’ve guessed it from the boomerang.