Be a Wanderer: Cambodia 2015 Part 2 – Phnom Kulen

Our first day at Cambodia! It was a bright, sunny day. Smarty picked us up from Purple Mangosteen and we drove off to Phnom Kulen park. Along the way we bought a waffle like bread along the street for our breakfast. It was a 2 hour drive and it became a bit bumpy as we got closer to the park.

Our first stop was the valley of a thousand lingas. The figures of Yoni and Linga are etched on the rocks of the riverbed.

File 27-12-2015, 7 23 40 PM

We went to the Preah Ang Thom, a temple that houses an eight meter tall reclining Buddha. Take note that in order to reach the temple you’ll have to climb some stairs wherein you’ll be asked to remove your shoes. We left our shoes near the steps and asked a group of kids to watch over them. We just gave them a tip afterwards for watching over our belongings.

There were these beautiful statues on the stairway to the temple.

DSC_0126.jpgThe steps to the temple with a couple of vendors on the side.


A temple hidden by the foliage.

Lots of lotus offering in the temple. They symbolize purity in Buddhism.


A buddhist monk.

After seeing the reclining Buddha, we had lunch near the area of the waterfalls. It was our first time tasting the Cambodian cuisine (like not the street food we tasted the night before.) I’ve noticed that they had a lot of spicy dishes. It’s a good thing I’m eating spicy food now. I used to avoid them before. The food was really interesting. There were all these flavors that I haven’t tasted before but meshed well with me. They had this curry dish which didn’t taste like the curry I’m accustomed to back home. It had this coconut flavor I think. We also had this soup which was spicy and a bit sour at the same time. For refreshments there were a lot of people selling coconut water for $1. I bought one because it really helps quench my thirst compared to plain water.


Crossing the river on our way to the waterfalls.

Photo op in the ruins overrun by greenery.

This is one of my favorite waterfalls. I love how the water gushes from the upstream to the ground. It’s so lively. I’ve seen a bigger one before at Germany, the Rhine Falls, but I love how close we are to the waterfall here in Siem Reap compared to the one in Germany. I wish was wearing slippers during this part of the trip. I was wearing sneakers so I couldn’t fully enjoy the water without my socks and shoes being soaked as well. But it was fun nonetheless.

There’s another waterfall in Phnom Kulen mountain and this one’s much more bigger. There were some tourists swimming around the area. We planned on doing so as well but we needed to go back to our hotel for our Quad Bike Sunset tour.

Overall it was a fun experience at Phnom Kulen National Park. We had to pay $20 each for the entrance, a small price to pay for a magnificent display of nature. This is one of the highlights of the trip for me. When talking about Cambodia it’s usually about Angkor Wat and the other temples or Khmer Rouge. I love that we got a chance to visit a place like this during our stay.