Be a Wanderer: Cambodia 2015 Part 3 – Sunset Quad Bike Tour

It’s a good thing Smarty’s a great driver! He got us back at our place at around 5PM. Just in time for our service from Cambodia Quad Bike to pick us up from Purple Mangosteen.


We rushed to the venue since we were chasing the sun. Before letting us loose with the quad bike, they taught us how to operate the bike and mentioned a couple of reminders. We were also able to practice driving the bike for a few minutes. Good thing we had sunglasses the road was a bit dusty so to avoid get dusts in our eyes we wore them during the ride.

I’ve operated a quad bike before when we vacationed at Boracay a few years ago. The mechanics are slightly different but fairly simple. What I didn’t expect was it became a bit tiring for my arms after a few minutes of driving around with the quad bike. It’s a good thing that we were riding in tandem which means there’s two people in a bike so we got to switch once in a while. During those moments I was able to relax and freely admire the sunset.

Group Picture! #TeamChill #TeamAngkorWhut #CALMbodia

It was a good experience seeing the countryside of Siem Reap. The sun was slowly setting. You can see the sky changing colors from a orange to pink to indigo. You finally feel the cool breeze after a long day. It was a perfect activity to end our day.

Photo 21-10-2015, 9 38 07 PM.jpgPhoto 21-10-2015, 9 34 57 PM.jpgWe had dinner at Red Piano Restaurant which was near Pub Street. It’s famous for having served Angeline Jolie a few years back when she was shooting Tomb Raider in Cambodia. We were eating Cambodian cuisine again though Red Piano also serves Western dishes in case you want a change of flavor. I was able to taste their Beef Lok Lak and it’s one of the best ones I’ve tasted in my stay in Siem Reap the beef was tender and flavorful. I ordered the Khmer steak with the Au Poivre sauce but I preferred the Blue Cheese sauce which my friend ordered. It was creamy and sometimes a bit heavy so I switched sauces every after few bites. The prices were fair considering that the serving portions were plenty and the food was good.


After dinner we tried looking around for souvenirs at the Night Market. There are a lot of things out there such as the typical key chain, wallet, coin purse, t shirt, and ref magnets. I wanted to buy something special and not easily recognizable but still affordable. We came across these round fans. You open the fan and it becomes a circle not like the usual half moon shape of a fan. We don’t really have that here in the Philippines so I bought some to give as a souvenir. It provided to be useful as well for the Cambodian heat. My friends bought some loose pants from one of the stalls since i already have one I bought a skirt instead which had a nice pattern. I also bought a scarf in case I need to cover up for the temples that we’ll be visiting the following day.


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