Be a Wanderer: Coron 2014

Some people go to Coron expecting beaches like Boracay but it’s a bit different from Boracay. Coron is a much more adventure-filled place compared to Boracay which I associate to a more with its booming night life and the chill vibes. Plus in Coron you need to take the boat in order to get to the beaches while in Boracay, if you’re lucky enough stay in a beachfront resort, the beach is a few steps from you.

If you haven’t heard of Coron it’s a place in Palawan known for its  beautiful islands and dives pots. We went to Coron last year during the post-Christmas week. I wasn’t able to blog about it soon enough and looking back it such a waste that I didn’t because we had such a wonderful time there. I just have to share the highlights of our trip.

  1. Maquinit Hotspring

    Maquinit Hotspring is situated within the island of Coron. Obviously, it’s a hot spring. The water is very warm and sometimes can get a bit too hot. It’s best to go there during the evening when the surrounding’s a bit cold. We visited the hotspring during our first day in Coron and it really helped set the tone for the whole trip. We were able to relax after the hustle and bustle of the trip going to Coron.

  2. Kayangan Lake

    Try googling Coron, one of the first few pictures you’ll see is this view of Coron from Kayangan Lake. Upon arriving in Kayangan Lake you’ll need to walk a bit to get to see this view and to get to the main lake. It’s a tiring walk because of the steps so be prepared and also cautious, going back from the lake we saw a girl with a big scratch on her leg because she slipped on the rocks.  Aside from taking awesome pictures in Kayangan Lake you can also swim, cliff dive, and snorkel there.

  3. Twin Lagoon

    Twin Lagoon is another famous spot in Coron. The two lagoons are separated by the rock formations. There are two ways to get to the other lagoon. One is through this small path. And the second is by swimming under the rock formation.

  4. Siete Picados

    Siete Picados is the highlight of my snorkeling experience in Coron. As you can see in the picture there are a lot of fish in the area. Comparing with what I saw in Twin Lagoon the fishes in Siete Picados are much more colorful. Our bangkero told us that fishes in salt water tend to be more colorful compared to fresh water fishes.

  5. Smith’s Beach

    Smith’s Beach is a hidden gem of Coron. Not a lot of people visit it. When we went there there were some locals visiting because it was a holiday but we were told that normal not a lot of people go there. It’s next to Banol beach one of the more famous beach in Coron but I favored our solitude in Smith’s Beach. And we found a lot of starfish in the area!