Be a Cinephile: The Little Prince (2015)

The Little Prince has always been a favorite book of mine. I believe a few years back they made a live action movie adaptation of it. I remember the movie having song in it and characters like the snake and the fox were grown men in costume much like the classic Wizard of Oz film with Judy Garland. This year they released another adaptation only with it being animated instead.

You could never go wrong with The Little Prince. It’s such a classic and it highlights such an important truth about life “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essentially is invisible to the eye.” What I appreciate about this adaptation is how it elevated the classic story by bringing it to the real world without it losing identity or being too cheesy.



The movie starts out the familiar first chapter of the book. The narrator shares about his interaction with the grownups as a child. How they misunderstood his drawing of a boa constrictor eating an elephant.

Then we’re introduced to the new characters a girl and her mother who are eagerly preparing to get into Werth Academy. The little girl and her mother seemed like they had it all figured out and planned. All they needed to do was to execute the plan smoothly and they’ll be on track with their lives. As I’m writing this I realized that the little girl was actually unnamed. For me it means that she should could easily be any one of us. Stuck in our plans to certain set of goals that we think will make us happy.


The girl goes about her schedule until one day she was disturbed by a ruckus cause bu her neighbor. The aviator tried to be friend and sent her the first few pages of the book. She ignored them at first but eventually she became curious enough to read them.


So their friendship started to blossom and piece by piece she got the different chapters until she finally got the ending of the story. Of course she was devastated with the sad ending and regretted spending her time with the aviator. The little girl went back to her routine when one day during the last few days of summer the aviator fell ill and was hospitalized.


Here comes the interesting part of the story. Wanting to make amends the girl sets out to find the little prince. Fortunately the aviator was able to fix his plan before falling ill so the girl was able to use it. And so we have an unexpected epilogue to the classic tale. The little prince grew up to be Mr. Prince. He forgot all about his rose and was focused on working. We see that the businessman has succeeded in acquiring the stars and has control over the asteroid where Mr. Prince is at. The little girl helps Mr. Prince remember his roots and together they travel back to asteroid B612.


Besides the narrative of the adaptation, I really appreciated the animation of the movie. It does great justice to the familiar scenes from the book. And the soundtrack was also amazing. The songs even though I barely understood them helped in setting the mood for the scenes.


It had just the right amount of uniqueness and enough blending to paint a modern rendition of the story that we all know. The core themes of the tale is present and is the heart of the movie. The Little Prince 2015 is such a great adaptation of the classic novel.