Be a Foodie: Le Petit Soufflé

I’ve always wanted to try this restaurant but Century City Mall has always been out of the way and quite far from my place. Finally on my brother’s birthday we planned on eating at Le Petit Soufflé.

Le Petit Soufflé is a French-Japanese inspired restaurant with beautiful instagrammable food. Everything we had tasted great!

Had my pictures featured at Le Petit Souffle’s official instagram account! ❤

Here’s what we ordered:

  • Sesame Crusted Tuna Salad (Php 345)img_5977I was saving my appetite so I only had a piece of the sesame crusted tuna. I usually prefer tuna over salmon in terms of sashimi because of it’s flavor but I really liked how the tuna served to us tasted.
  • Foie Gras Mac and Cheese (Php 625)img_5979Quite pricey but worth every peso. Loved this ooey gooey mac and cheese. It was cheesy just the way I liked it. The foie gras by itself was amazing as well. ❤️❤️❤️
  • Squid Ink Rice (Php 395)img_5978I enjoyed this squid ink rice though I wish I had more of the seafood which were part of the bowl. The egg was a nice touch as well.
  • Truffled Mushroom Hambagu (Php 595)img_5973
  • Forest Berries, Mint and Celery Fruit Tea (Php 375)

My family and I really enjoyed this drink. We liked it’s sweetness and hints of strawberries and mint. We wished we ordered more the 1L carafe wasn’t enough for us.

Good thing we still had room for dessert. They have a lot of good looking ones. Here’s what we ordered:

  • Salted Egg and Caramel Parfait (Php 195 So I’m the selfish person who wanted to eat all those itsy bitsy pieces on the top and to scrape off the caramel. The salted egg flavor was a good balance to the sweet caramel.
  • Matcha Classic Souffle (Php 350 Definitely worth the wait! It takes 25 minutes to make so order it ahead of time. I liked the strength of the matcha flavor it wasn’t too strong nor was it barely there.
  • Manchiego Cheesecake (Php 330 Actually this is probably the only one we ordered that I didn’t really leave a strong impression on me. I wish it were sweeter or that the cheese flavor was stronger but I still enjoyed eating it.

Really loved the food here and there are still a lot of dishes and desserts that I want to try. I wish I can eat here everyday or at least every week! If only it were nearer to my place.