Be a Foodie: Cafe Seolhwa

Bingsu is a Korean shaved ice dessert. Cafe Seolhwa is a korean dessert place which specializes in Bingsu. But they also serve other desserts such as toasts.

I’ve heard nothing but good things prior to eating at Cafe Seolhwa so I was really excited about trying their bingsu.

They have several branches here in the Philippines. The one I tried is at BGC. We had a hard time parking as it is almost always full in the Forum’s parking area. We parked at Fort Strip instead and just walk going there.


Menu 🙂


I already knew what I was gonna order. I’ve been dreaming about their Strawberry Bingsu for a long time. I got the single serving which was Php 240.

It is amazing! It’s the best shaved ice dessert I’ve ever tasted! I like that it’s sweet through and through not like other shaved ice desserts which tends to be bland in the bottom area. I think the ice itself has the flavor infused in it not just poured over. The top is whipped cream that tastes like marshmallow fluff. The strawberries on the side compliments the overall sweetness of the dessert. In the middle of the bingsu there’s a strawberry jam sandwiched between the ice. Overall this dessert is perfect I couldn’t ask for more.

My friends ordered the Mango Cheese Bingsu. I tried it as well but preferred the Strawberry Bingsu. I didn’t like the sourness of the mango that they used. I think the dessert would be so much better if the mangoes were sweet. The cheese are slices of cheesecake I think. It was good. The mangoes held it back from being great.

I’m proud to say that I finished this all by myself. I’ll definitely come back here again. They have so many other flavor to try! I’m looking forward to the traditional Pat Bingsu and the Green Tea Bingsu! I think overall they’re shaved ice dessert is one of the best especially if you’re a sweet tooth who doesn’t appreciate watered down bland condensed milk with ice. Cafe Seolhwa’s Bingsu provides happiness in every bite.