Be a Wanderer: Cambodia 2015 Part 5 – Siem Reap

This was a much needed chill day from our jam packed schedule. We scheduled some activities for the day to experience Siem Reap in a different manner.

We booked an oil painting session through Backstreet Academy. We went to Angkor Handicraft Association where our class will be held via tuktuk.It was our first time riding the tuktuk since we got here.

First we got to pick which picture we’d like to paint. I picked a picture of the Bayon with a monk. I was attracted by the immense greenery of the scene.

We had to draw on outline of the picture on the canvas like a draft. We’ll be following the pencil lines while painting.

I was really excited with the painting part. It was a bit challenging mixing the colors. Our teacher Svay Em did most of the mixing. I was really amazed about the way painters see the different colors come together while they’re painting.

Product of hardwork! Our teacher was really patient. I often asked him for help since I have zero artisitic talent.

After the session we had lunch near our place. We planned on biking around the Angkor Park after eating but unfortunately midway our lunch it started raining. My friends decided to go to the Angkor National Museum while I chose to sleep in our room instead and planned to meet them in the evening for our yoga session.

I wanted to wak all the way to Peace Cafe but it was a bit far and it was already dark. I took a tuktuk instead. It was exhilarating as if I were solo traveler backpacking across Asia. It was short lived but I did miss my friends.


My friend’s favorite pose

I arrived early at Peace Cafe. Their yoga classes are $6 per class. The classes are held at the second floor of the cafe. I don’t regularly do yoga but I really enjoyed the class. It feels different doing yoga in another country or maybe it’s just the teacher who has a different accent from what I’m used to here back home.

Side Story:

While I was waiting for the yoga class to start and my friends to arrive, I met this female solo traveler from the US. She’s also their for a yoga session. She has spent the last 3 months in an island in Indonesia and now she’s travelling to other countries here in Asia. I feel that she has so many stories to tell. We wished that we were able to chat with her more since she was eating there after the yoga class but we planned on eating  elsewhere.