Be Fit: Exercise at UP Diliman

I’m not the biggest fan of exercising. I don’t like having to pay to be fit (gym membership, parking for my visit to the gym, etc.) So I don’t really exercise that often but I try try try to integrate it in my lifestyle. I’ve always wanted to try jogging at UP Diliman. But since I’m not really familiar with the campus, even though I often pass by here on my way home during my college day, I’ve never really tried until recently. Plus I didn’t have a companion before, I didn’t want to drive there all alone, exercise, and then drive back home all tired.

The first time I tried exercising, my friend and I biked around the Oval. It was a bit nerve-racking since I’m a beginner at cycling. I only learned last year and I don’t do it often. It’s a good thing that the whole road for the Oval was closed off. There was more space for the joggers and cyclist. I’m not sure if the set up is like that every Sunday but when we went there a few weeks ago it was like that.

For the second time, I chose to jog since I’m more accustomed to that kind of exercise. I often just do treadmills when I’m at the gym. Of course jogging was more tiring than the bike experience but it also felt that I burned off more calories during my run.

I like that there’s a biker’s/jogger’s lane at UP and there are a lot of benches around the area. I also like how easy it is to park and there’s no need to pay for it. The only expense to consider is probably the money for the gas to get to UP but other than that it’s really convenient.

Perfect time to jog/bike if you’re not a morning person is late in the afternoon around 4PM when the sun is still out but it’s not that hot anymore. If you don’t mind the jogging in the evening it’s not so bad as well around 6PM since there are still a number of people around that time plus there are lamp posts around the Oval area.