Be a Foodie: Morganfield’s

Morganfield’s is a new restaurant at BGC. They’re located at Uptown BGC which is along 38th Street. Morganfield’s is an All-American Mid Western restaurant. Their most popular dish is their ribs. Reservations are encouraged since the place tends to get very busy during peak hours of dining.

I’ll say it right away. I’m not the biggest fan of ribs but I know how to appreciate a good one. We ordered Chili Cheese Fries and their Ribs on the Jack Daniels’ sauce. I also ordered Nana’s Iced Tea.

While waiting we were playing with their mugs which had a pig’s nose design.

I liked the Chili Cheese Fries the chili con carne wasn’t too spicy and the cheese was delicious. Plus the serving is really big it’s probably good for 3-4 people if it’s just for appetizers.

We ordered a half slab of ribs which was good for 2 people. It came with onion rings and coleslaw. The ribs was good. It was really tender. You could easily separate the meat from the bones. 🙂

The flavor was so-so. I wanted Jack Daniel’s so that it’ll be sweet but it didn’t come out as expected so I’ll probably explore their other flavors in the future instead. 🙂

The thing I liked most about Morganfield’s is the service. I felt really taken care of in the restaurant.

They also have a lot of other food choices to explore once you’ve gone through their ribs selection. 🙂