Be a Cinephile: Zootopia

Zootopia is one of the animal centric animated films set for release this year. It’s set in a fictional world wherein animals have evolved and formed a civilization.

The movie follows Judy Hopps a bunny aspiring to be a cop. She was the first of her kind to do so. She graduated top of her class and was assigned to the heart of Zootopia but still struggles to prove herself as a true cop.

Alongside Judy is Nick Wilde a sly fox conning other animals in Zootopia. Together they attempt to solve a case of missing animals in Zootopia.

What I love about this film is the world that they created which is Zootopia itself. Zootopia is divided into different factions each catering to a certain type of animal. In the movie we are shown a bit of the daily lives of the Zootopians. It’s amazing how all the animals work together in their world and achieve such synergy.

I also loved the characters. We were introduced to a myriad of different animals as a part of their investigation and it was never really that overwhelming. The movie had the right balance in featuring its characters. The characters themselves even if some had smaller parts were really memorable.


Gazelle the Popstar


Officer Clawhauser the Cheetah


Flash the Sloth

Another thing I loved was the animation itself. One of my favorite scenes was when Judy was traveling to Zootopia and we see the different areas of the city. We get a glimpse of the vibrant city life.

Overall I think Zootopia is a must watch not just by the kids but also those kids at heart. It’s such a wonderful Disney film with an amazing set of characters. I can’t wait to rewatch it again. 🙂