Be a Wanderer: Davao 2016 Part 1 – Samal Island

During Holy Week 2016 we decided to stay local and found ourselves booking a trip to Davao. Our trip comprises of two parts, Samal Island and Davao City.

DSC_0244Samal Island is where the beaches of Davao City are located. We stayed at the infamous Pearl Farm Beach Resort. It’s one of the top hotels in island and the most beautiful as well.

I really enjoyed staying at Pearl Farm it’s such a picturesque place and every corner of it is photogenic.DSC_0778.jpgI wasn’t able to take a picture of our room but here’s the pathway leading to it.

Pearl Farm has another beach at Malipano Island. You can reach it by boat ride for free just get in touch with the front desk. The nicer beach (which is the one in the picture) is private/exclusive to those staying at the Malipano Villa. The other one was underdeveloped. It didn’t have much shade and it was bare. It was sunny when we went and couldn’t take the heat so we decided to go back to the resort instead.

TOP: H&M, SHADES: Sunnies Studios

I love how they have activities for their guest. My favorite is the cocktails during the afternoon. They serve free cocktails along with some finger food for their guest.

We stayed at Pearl Farm for two nights. It was a bit hectic getting to the island itself because we tried to look for alternative ways to get there. To help you guys in the future, here are some tips if you’re going to stay at Pearl Farm.

  1. You get to Pearl Farm via a boat ride at Pearl Farm Marina Wharf. There are no other ways to the island but via that boat ride.
  2. There are 3 boat transfer schedules. Don’t miss your schedule or else you’ll have to wait for the next one which might be 2-5 hours waiting time.
    • From Pearl Farm Marina Wharf to resort: 9 am / 2 pm / 5 pm

    • From resort to Pearl Farm Marina Wharf: 7:30 am / 1 pm / 4 pm
  3. The free cocktails are at around 4PM. So arrive 30 minutes before at the dock.
  4. One night during our stay there was a quiz during dinner. If you get the answers correctly you get a prize! (spa services, water activities, etc.)
  5. Best time to shoot photos is early in the morning around 8PM especially if you want to get a good shot at the dock/Parola area.
  6. There are starfish at the beach! So if you want to take a picture with one there’s a lot of them near the Samal Suite area.
TOP: Zara, SHORTS: H&M, SANDALS: Call It Spring, SHADES: Sunnies Studios

Overall it was a wonderful staycation at Pearl Farm Beach Resort. It’s one of the prettiest resorts I’ve stayed at.