Be a Foodie: Dohtonbori

Dohtonbori is a fairly new restaurant in Greenhills that specializes in okonomiyaki which is a Japanese savory pancake. I’ve tried it a few times prior and didn’t enjoy the taste that much. But because of my friends I was able to try an okonomiyaki again and enjoyed it.

Dohtonbori offers one of the most satisfying okonomiyaki experience here in Manila. First off I have to commend the ambiance and  overall look of the restaurant. The outside looks like your in one of Japan’s streets. They also have this big raccoon mascot outside. Inside the restaurant they offer a tatami room where you could sit and enjoy your meal. We opted for the regular seating arrangements instead.

Second is the making of the okonomiyaki. Usually when you order in Japanese restaurants they just serve you the okonomiyaki. At Dohtonbori they make the okonomiyaki in front of you.It’s so fun seeing it all come together. My favorite part is when they put the japanese mayo and nori.

Third is the flavor. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve tasted okonomiyaki before but didn’t enjoy its taste. Dohtonbori’s okonomiyaki is the best one I’ve tasted here in Manila. It is cooked properly so it’s a bit crisp on the outside and tasty on the inside. There’s a good balance between the mix and the ingredients. The combination of their okonomiyaki sauce plus the japanese mayo and nori on top really hits the spot.

I usually order their 4-Quattro Formaggi, a nice twist to the traditional okonomiyaki. It’s a four cheese pizza with caramel sauce.

How about you? What’s your favorite thing on their menu? 🙂

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