Be a Wanderer: Best Apps for Singapore

Last week I went to Singapore with my friends. It was my first time in the city and my second out of the country trip with out my family. I’m travelling with a smaller group than when I went to Cambodia. I’m going to feature the top apps that really helped us with this trip. From planning to the actual navigation while in Singapore.

1. Tripadvisor

Best use: Pre-trip, Planning itinerary (where to go, where to eat)

I think this one’s a staple. Tripadvisor has a full collection of attractions, restaurants, hotels in almost every place in the world. It has reviews and ratings to help you pick out which ones to place at the top of your to do list and which ones to skip. It also has a function wherein you could see the attractions near the place you’re looking at. It has helped me countless of times with planning my itinerary. Just don’t be overwhelmed sometimes with the volume of places you could go to.

2. Agoda

Best use: Pre-trip, Booking accommodation

I used several booking apps to look for our accommodation in Singapore and the best one was Agoda (but this is specifically for Singapore). Based on my experience the lowest rates I found were via Agoda. There’s also a mobile discount for some of the accommodations if you book it via the mobile app. I also like how they already include everything in the price that you see (tax, etc.) which some booking apps/sites don’t usually do. That can be actually deceiving so I appreciate this transparency from Agoda.

Tip #1: Don’t book too late/too close to your travel date. I tried using this and it backed fire. This is not just for when you’re booking with Agoda but for any other booking places. I had a low number of options for our budget and it wasn’t worth it for the few hundreds we saved.

Tip #2: Pick a place close to the MRT/bus stop. I sacrificed this convenience for a cheaper accommodation and it wasn’t worth it. It’s such a effort to walk 10 minutes from your place to the MRT. At first it sounds easy but when you’re on the trip you’d wish your place was closer. 🙂

Tip #3: Avoid the red district area. Again I didn’t think this would be a problem for a place like Singapore but I still felt uncomfortable walking the streets. We stayed in the Geylang area. If I had more choices for our accommodation I wouldn’t have picked this area.

3. MyTransport

Best use: During trip, waiting for bus

This was one of my most used apps during the trip. This is what I normally look at when we’re waiting for the bus to see when will it arrive. I also use this to check how many stops away we are from our stop. This is best used with Rome2Rio when it shows you which bus to take to get to a place. This app also has functions for taxis and mrts but we barely used it for those functions.


Best use: During trip, riding the mrt

I used an app similar to this back when we went to Paris two years ago. The convenience is that it shows you how to get from from Station A to B like where to switch lines. This is best used with Rome2Rio. We limited our MRT rides since our place was far from the MRT so we didn’t get to use this that much.But still a very helpful app. 🙂

5. Rome2Rio

Best use: Pre-trip, during trip

I recently found out about this app through a friend and it’s so helpful having this instead of always trying to google how to get from A to B. Basically this is like the directions feature of google maps. It shows you the estimated time to travel. It shows you the estimated fare. It helped me while I was planning our schedule and also while we were navigating Singapore. I’ve also been using this to plan my Japan trip so this one’s definitely a keeper. 🙂

6. Tripcase

Best use: Pre-trip, during trip

I also just found out about this app through a friend. Usually I just put my entire itinerary in an Excel sheet and have printouts of it during my trip but this one’s more convenient and earth friendly. You can put your booking details, schedules, routes in this app. During the trip I don’t look at it that much since I basically memorized my itinerary but for I’m travelling with I can share the ‘trip’ I organized and the entire itinerary will be visible to them as well. 🙂

I tried looking for a good restaurant app for Singapore much like Zomato here in the Philippines but couldn’t really find one. So I mostly relied on blogs and TripAdvisor. If you know any good food apps for Singapore suggest them to me! I want one for my future Singapore visits. 🙂