Be Anything: Woodcarving with Rawtura

Back in elementary we had a class where in we created a wooden stool and tray as a project. I really enjoyed  those kinds of projects. Ever since I’ve always been interested in woodworking.

I chanced upon the woodcarving workshop while browsing the many articles of I enrolled in the class and a few weeks after I’m attending their class at Common Room in Katipunan.

Basically we were taught how to do basic wood carving starting with straight lines and then to the more complex ones like the scales.

It’s a very hands on experience. At first I felt confident trying the straight lines but as the exercises got harder I struggled a bit. But nevertheless I really enjoyed every bit of challenged.

After the exercises we got a chance to carve anything we want using the techniques we learned during the exercises. I was totally unprepared and didn’t have much creative juices flowing. I ended up carving a “dreamcatcher”.

This needs more detail but I tried. 🙂

This experience was so much fun. I want to do more of the exercises to really get into the basic hand movement and techniques for the carving. I have so much respect to all the wood carving artsist out there. It’s not just about being creative. You really need to exert effort to come up with such an intricate carving.

By the end of the workshop, they picked the one with the best exercise and freeform board. My friend won and got  free tools. He also bought some boards and more tools to start his woodcarving hobby.