Be a Wanderer: Davao Part 2 – Davao City

For the second half of our trip to Davao, we stayed at the city proper.We spent half a day at the Eden Nature Park and the latter half at the Malagos Garden.

Since we went to the Eden Nature Park in the morning we also had out breakfast there. We joined their short tour around the park. One of my favorite stops is their flower garden which had a plot of sunflowers in it.


Besides flowers they also grow other plants for fruits, vegetables, herbs in the area. Another stop was Lola’s Garden which was filled with plants you see in your lola’s garden thus the name. 🙂

After the tour we tried their SkyCycle where in you ride a bicycle 100+ feet off the ground. It sounds fun and exhilarating but it’s also scary. Your bicycle is on a rope and you’re being held by a harness also supported by a rope. It was kind of hard not to thing of final destination like freak accidents. During the first ride to the other side my heart was racing and I felt like I was gonna fall. I wanted to stop and go back but I know I couldn’t do that so I peddled my way to the other side. During the trip back I was more confident after being able to reach the other side. I was more relaxed while peddling but still a bit scared.


We had lunch in our relative’s place after that we went to Malagos Garden. The place was being renovated so only some of the areas were open to the public. Since it was a bit late they also already ran out cheese. At least I was able to buy some of their dark chocolate.


What I enjoyed most about Malagos Garden is their petting zoo. I love how close we got to the animals. There was even one sheep that was out of its cage but I suspect it’s because it’s too small for the bars.

It was a relaxing afternoon at Malagos Garden. I wish we were able to see this place before/after its renovation cause we really didn’t see much besides the animals and the park.