Be a Wanderer: Singapore Part 2 – Universal Studios Singapore

Day 2 of our Singapore trip! More fun and excitement for our second day. I was very much looking forward to this day since we were going to Universal Studios Singapore (USS).

We went to USS via MRT. We rode from Aljunied Station to Harbourfront. When we arrived at Harbourfront we took exit E to Vivo City and rode the Sentosa Express to get to Sentosa Island. The line to the Sentosa Express was already quite long when we arrived at around 11AM. It was a good thing that we bought EZ Link cards for transportation. We were able to pay the fare (which costs $4 SGD) for the Sentosa Express using the reloadable card or else we would’ve had to line up for the tickets.


We alighted at Waterfront Station which was 1 stop away from Sentosa Station where we boarded. Just walk straight from the station and eventually you’ll see the iconic Universal Studios logo! 🙂

TOP: Stradivarius, SHORTS: H&M

We had lunch at the Malaysian Food Street, the place had a lot of affordable food stalls. I got a Nasi Lemak Chicken and it was delicious.

Tip: We bought USS tickets at the airport for $68 SGD. This included a $5 SGD meal stub which can be used at the Malaysian Food Street. This was extremely a bargain because the USS ticket costs $74 SGD online. You save $13 total. You’re welcome.

Tip: If you are the type who doesn’t want to wait too long in lines, I recommend getting an express pass online. It’s $50 online vs. $60 onsite.

After buying the express pass we entered via the special entrance. No lines there. 🙂 Finally we were in Universal Studios Singapore! One of the photographers in the entrance offered to take a picture of us which was great since we rarely had a group photo during our trip.


One of our first stops was the Minion Mart. It’s one of many themed shops within the park. If you’re a minion fanatic you’ll absolutely love this place. Bananaaa!


Who couldn’t resist the cuteness of these guys?

Outside you could make a pressed penny for $2 SGD. Pretty cool souvenir! 🙂

We were overwhelmed at first and didn’t know which ride to go to.But eventually we were able to check off each ride one by one. Personally I really enjoyed the roller coaster types such as the Humans VS Cylons, Revenge of the Mummy, and Transformers. Our express pass also came in handy for those rides since people tend to flock to them.

My favorite experience was riding the Cylons. Besides having an express pass and being able to skip the two hours waiting time, we were able to sit front row! That’s every roller-coaster-loving girl’s dream. 😀 The ride was exhilarating. It was my first time to ride a roller coaster where our legs were exposed and feet dangling. I don’t know why but it added an additional thrill to the experience.

My favorite ride ❤

Other things we enjoyed were Waterworld and the Jurassic Park ride! For Waterworld we sat in the soak zone. It was very entertaining even before the show started since the cast was already soaking the people in the soak zone. I’ve seen Waterworld before in Universal Studios California and the actual show is similar. Sitting in the soak zone made the experience better because I felt more engaging. 🙂


The Jurassic Park ride was a bit similar to California as well. With the same big drop at the end which will most probably get you wet. Upon entry we were advised to store our items in the locker but it wasn’t free like the ones for Mummy, and Humans VS Cylons so we opted to keep them with us during the ride. We weren’t super soaked during the ride so it was a good thing that we didn’t store them in the locker and saved some money.

One of my favorite areas in the park is Far, Far, Away. This is Shrek’s world. It has a disney-ish, fairy tale  vibe to it. I remembered when we entered this area the song ‘Accidentally In Love’ was playing in the background and it just reminded me of the whole film. 🙂


I wish we were able to take pictures with the characters though. We tried to do the meet & greet with the minions but by the time we reached the area the line was already closed so we just took pictures of the minions from afar. 😦

Overall our day at USS was definitely well spent. I enjoyed my visit here so much more than my visit to Universal Studios California a few years back.I loved it here and I’d recommend to get an express pass. Being able to skip those long queues is really a plus to the experience.