Be a Foodie: El Chapo, Gulp, Milkshake Lab, and Ice Box at The Yard 

The Yard at Xavierville is one of the latest food parks here in the metro. Food parks are like theme parks for foodies. There are multiple food stalls offering different food experience.The Yard is located at Xavierville which is a street near Katipunan. Parking is quite scarce here I suggest parking at Esteban Abada St. and just walk to The Yard.

With so many food options to choose from, I had a hard time picking just one stall to try out.

I decided to try out El Chapo’s and ordered their Beef Salpicao Taco.It was very tasty! I loved the sauce and the actual flavor of the beef. The service was quick as well. We decided to eat near their stall and I really enjoyed the vibe of the place cause they play fun music at their stall!


For drinks I bought at Gulp Station. They have a great selection of beverages to quench your thirst. I ordered the Piña Crema. It tasted good! Reminds me of piña colada. The prices were okay as well for the drinks!


I also got to try some fun desserts such as the Smores Milkshake from Milkshake Lab and Dragons Breath and Salted Caramel Chocolate Ice Cream for The Ice Box. The milkshake was great! As for the Dragon’s Breath I prefer the one from Iscreamist.

There are still a lot of stalls I have yet to try. The Yard can be quite full in the evening. Come around 4PM, although some stalls aren’t open yet there are a handful that are already open! The other stalls open around 5PM. 🙂