Be a Foodie: Namoo House

For my birthday this year, I wanted to eat something that I really enjoy. Fortunately there’s a new Korean restaurant in the BGC area which is quite near my work place. Namoo House also known as Maple Treehouse is a Seoul based Korean restaurant that opened at BGC Uptown Parade.

The place was decorated by soju bottles on one side and tree trunks on the other. We were seated in a table surrounded by the trunks.

We mostly ordered their meat and paired it with the side dishes served to us.
My favorite was the Marinated Boneless Shortrib! The marinade was delicious! The meat was tender and flavorful! It’s so yummy on its own no need to dip it in the ssamjang, the chili paste.

Tip: If you prefer a flavorful meat that is standalone and doesn’t need a dip/sauce, opt for their marinated meat. If you like dipping your meat in the sauces opt for the one without the marinade. 🙂

I also got to try their Bibimbap! I recently got to watch an episode of Masterchef US wherein the contestants have to make a Bibimbap. I found out that the rice at the bottom part of the bowl has to be crispy so I really appreciated that Namoo House’s Bibimbap has that crispy rice/‘tutong’. We opted for the Stone Bowl Bibimbap which was served in the traditional stone bowl and already placed together in the bowl as opposed to the classic which was on a plate.

Overall it was a great dinner. They have great flavors and meat. I found the portions too small and I’m the type who gets full easily so if you have a big appetite get ready to spend a lot for their meat.The place was quite expensive though so I’ll save this place for a special occassion.
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