Be a Cinephile: Train to Busan

Wow! I’m not sure where to start. I loved the movie. I can’t stress how overused the whole zombie apocalypse storyline is in the last few years of cinema history. But this zombie apocalypse rendition of Korea is a fresh take on the genre in the movie scene.

The story is simple and straightforward. The origins of the zombie outbreak were never explained and the characters are just living in the moment and trying to get by til they reach safety. The movie starts with a zombie outbreak occurring all over Korea. News reports claim it to be a riot but us viewers know better that this is another term for a zombie apocalypse. The leads are in a train going to Busan, thus the title train to Busan. The movie revolves around their journey as they try to survive until they finally reach their haven, Busan. This movie was like Koutetsujou no Kabaneri meets World War Z.


I love the characters in this movie. Gong Yoo playing the dad, Seok Woo, and Kim Su-an playing his daughter, Su-an. As a fund manager Gong Yoo’s character has grown to be a selfish man while his daughter, in contrast, is very kind and considerate to others. During the first part of the film, Seok Woo tries to lecture his daughter about her kindness encouraging her to think about her well being first. Su-an on the other hand pushes this way of life and asserts selflessness and kindness to his father. Pretty soon Su-an’s character rubs on to her father and it was nice seeing how Gong Yoo’s character transforms for the better in this time of crisis.

Seok Woo and Su-an

In contrast there’s Kim Eui-sung’s character Yong Suk, who started out as a snobbish, self-entitled metropolitan then turning to your grade-A bastard in a zombie apocalypse film who only cares about his/her own survival at the cost of other people’s lives. People died because of his selfishness. It’s such a toxic and scary attitude in times of crisis. It’s infectious too as seen as how Yong Suk spreads his way of thinking to the other passengers on the train. At the end we are shown the driving force for Yong Suk’s character. Why he did what he did which shows us that Yong Suk can be any of us placed in that type of environment.

Yong Suk

I won’t be mentioning the other characters but I liked them as well especially Ma Dong-seok’s, Sang Hwa.

Sang Hwa with his very pregnant wife Seong-kyeong

The zombies in this film are similar to the ones from World War Z minus being OP (overpowered). They’re rabid and they run. A bite quickly turns you to one of them. These are the ones I hate the most but at least they’re not that intelligent.


The film was suspenseful, packed with action, and a lot of running. Its cinematography matches up with its Hollywood counterparts. The film also has that Korean drama touch in it that’s very reminiscent of the Korean shows that I’ve grown to love and appreciate over the years.


Train to Busan has just been recently released here in the Philippines. If you’re a Korean drama fan, I advise you to catch this movie in the cinemas! 🙂

P.S. I watched in 4DX at Greenbelt 3. The moving chairs and wind effect really adds suspense to the overall experience especially the occasional gush of wind.