Be a Living Legend or Trapped Forever: Breakout PH

Growing up I loved playing Nancy Drew games wherein I had to solve puzzles and find clues. One of the pioneers of the escape room here in the Philippines, Breakout PH brings the same thrill and excitement to us and takes it up a notch by fully immersing the players in the environment.

They have numerous of branches here in the metro my favorite is the one in Katipunan which is very near my school when I was in college. It’s near to me and most of my friends and there are a lot of establishments where in we could eat and hangout after our Breakout session.

My first time at Breakout PH was during a team building session I got to try Adarna’s Lair and Motel 13. My teammates and I enjoyed it so much even though we weren’t able to break out of the rooms. My session at the Katipunan branch was my 3rd time so I was really hopeful that I’ll be able to breakout this time.

The have multiple “rooms”/ scenarios available at their Katipunan branch. We tried the Clown House which seamed freaky at first but the people from Breakout assured us that it wasn’t that scary inside.

How it works

  • You’re trapped in the themed room.
  • You get 45 minutes to break out of the room.
  • Everything you need to get out is inside the room. You just need to put the pieces together and solve the puzzles.
  • No need to use force on the things inside the room.
  • Some areas/items are off – limits and don’t contain any items for your escape. They’re labeled with the Breakout PH sticker.
  • To fully immerse yourselves in the scenario you’re blind folded going in and there are no marshals inside the room with you. You also leave all your things in a secure locker outside. (The staff is watching via cctv so in case of emergency you just have to wave at the camera. They also give you hints when they start to notice that you’re way behind)
  • If you breakout of the room you’re living legends. If you don’t you’re trapped forever.

No spoilers about the room. 🙂

Based on the difficulty level of the Clown House room, it was moderately difficult. Sadly we weren’t able to break out of the room. This was my 3rd time being trapped forever in a room. I really need to up my problem solving and observation skills. But still I enjoyed the room. We almost made it out. Maybe on my next attempt, I’ll be able to break out and join the living legends on their leaderboard. 🙂