Be a Foodie: Seoul Train

A new themed restaurant in the Tomas Morato area, Seoul Train is the newest addition to the growing number of Korean restaurants in the metro. Inspired by the owners love of grilling food and travelling, they serve top-notch Korean barbecue to their customers with the exterior and interior of the restaurant embodying a subway train.

This place is exciting from the moment I set foot inside until I step outisde. I was greeted by a waiting area which looked like a subway platform. There were vending machines and claw cranes filled with toys and magazines on the side to keep you entertained. A sound of an incoming train was playing on the background. The dining area itself was like an inside of a train. The area was cozy with a limited number of tables for customers.

The menu itself was fun to explore. I appreciate the details and aesthetics they put in to describe the dishes. It helps with one’s selection process.

We ordered Bul Samgyeop, Woo Samgyop, and Tteokbokki. Me and my friend usually just order 1 set of meat but the establishment sets a minimum order of 2 meat dishes.

The side dishes were the first to arrive. We were given the anchiovies, bean sprout, kimchi, and fish cakes. The serving was quite small compared to the usual and I read in other reviews that they only provide up to 2 refills for the side dishes. I liked their kimchi the flavor was moderately spicy and good enough to enjoy on its own.

Bul Samgyeop (PHP 350) is a spicy variation of the Samgyeopsal. The taste is okay though I found the meat a bit dry. I tried eating it with the lettuce but it just doesn’t feel right without the usual red paste you get for your samgyeopsal and ordering this will cost you an additional Php 100.

Woo Samgyup (Php 400) is a paper thin cut slice of meat. I preferred this over the Bul Samgyeop. It tastes great and tastes even better with the sauce they provided us.

Tteokbokki (Php 310 + 25 extra cheese) is the one I enjoyed the most. The cheese goes well with the spiciness of the Tteokbokki. I love Korean rice cakes.

We were so full after our meal. We enjoyed the food and the place itself. Although we found the meal a bit too pricey than our usual Korean dining experience.

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