Be a Blogger: 2016 Highlights

It’s already been a week since we celebrated the New Year still I want to say goodbye to 2016 in some way here in my blog. “Capping off the year” with the highlights for 2016. In order to make this a more defined list setting this to Top 6 (since I find 16 too many) Highlights of my 2016. 🙂

6.  Going Blonde


I know it’s just hair but it was such a major decision. After the whole I thought of two things. First my hair and I went through a lot together that day. Second I can’t believe I have blonde hair. I never ever imagined this for myself when I was a kid. Think of all the other colors (mostly pastel) I can dye my hair into. 🙂

5. Final Fantasy 15

I’ve been looking forward to this game. Not as much as KH3, but I’ve been very excited for it’s release. On the first day of the release, I woke up early and got my copy of the game . I hurriedly finished an office party just so I can finally play it. I sat in the chair for hours during weekends because I loved playing the game. There was even a point wherein sitting, even with a pillow underneath, was so uncomfortable because I’ve been sitting for a long time. Then it ended and I was so sad but still I really appreciate all the efforts put into this game despite all the negative remarks.

4. Birthday Lunch/Dinner

I love birthday gathering. It’s one of the few occasions that I, hopefully, get all the most important people in my life in one place especially high school/college friends. It’s been an effort to see them since we’re all leading different lives now but once in a while you get these moments where you get to see them in person and chat with them.

3. Singapore

Roller coasters. Henna tattoos. Streets lined with quaint boutiques. Hours of walking. Accompanied by two of my dear friends. Travelling is always a good experience but my first  Singapore was great. After the three days that I’ve spent there I can’t wait to go back and try all the other things I wasn’t able to do and go to all the places I haven’t been to and experience again all my favorite parts from my first trip.

2. Japan

Another travel experience. I stay for 10 days at Japan 5 in Tokyo 2 in Kyoto and 2 in Osaka. I barely scratched the surface during my brief stay. I’m not saying much since I’m saving a lot of my thoughts about Japan for my blog post but to summarize Japan is just amazing.

1. Masungi Georeserve

This is number one because of such a great conquering moment that I’m really proud of. I climbed on top of one of the peaks during our trip to Masungi. I love thrilling activities but I’m the worst with heights. I remember being scared during a lot of the things we did at Masungi just because I could see how far up we were, most of the times my legs would be shaking uncontrollably. But nevertheless I made it through and got this awesome shot. The other people in our group have a picture while standing up. I could only do it sitting down.

Anyway enough about the fear and more on the conquering.”Conquering greater heights”, “Taking the leap of faith”, “Lundagin mo beybe”, whatever you call these moments. These are the type of moments I’m striving for for 2017 and in the coming years. Less about doubts and fears and more on the confidence and determination to make things happen and get to that point where you’ll be proud of yourself.

I’m sorry I haven’t blog 4 out of 6 of the things that I mentioned. During the latter part of the year I haven’t had the chance to get back in the groove with my writing. So writing has been pushed back a lot of times. But I’ve promised myself that 2017 will be the year of “realizing stuff” or actualizing things or basically doing. So although this post is a bit late I’m happy that I was able to complete this. 🙂

Cheers to 2017!