Be a Kikay: Going Blonde

I’ve gone through having ombre hair, copper, and different shades of brown. A couple of months ago I decided to go blonde and it was really a lot of work from research, to actual lightening, to hair maintenance. I wanted to share the things I’ve learned about going blonde such as preparation and upkeep for references to any who might want to attempt having a lighter as well.

  1. Know the shade that you want — I originally wanted a platinum shade of blonde. Based on what I’ve read going from dark brown/black to platinum would need at least 2 lightening sessions to achieve. Since my hair and I can’t afford a second session I opted for a less light shade of blonde which can be achieved through only 1 session which brings me to the 2nd item.25113e14ef8db3e823455cd3859122b9.jpg
  2. Leave it to the professionals — I’ve read some horror stories about DIY bleaching. I’ve also tried coloring my own hair which turned out a bit patchy in the back. I opted to have my hair done at Le Maquillage Salon and they really did great with the overall process. I also appreciate that they also gave good advice and tips for my hair. They told me that with condition of my hair bleaching would extremely be dangerous for my hair. They also advised to use a home treatment for my hair to help with the damage that the bleach would do. Lastly sometimes you get some perks, they offered to lighten my eyebrows as well for no extra charge!
  3. Prep your hair — Since bleaching damages your hair it’s best to have your hair in a healthy condition before undergoing this process or else the procedure will really wreck your hair. As  preparation I’ve been applying a home treatment to my hair. I also avoided washing it the day before my hair appointment. I read somewhere that the natural oils will help the scalp and the hair from the bleach.NoWashing-300x229.jpg
  4. It’s going to hurt — Not to discourage anyone but it hurt a lot. I had my whole hair bleached so it was really painful when they were doing my roots. The first five minutes were a bit okay. The next ones til the end, you had to tolerate. The feeling of the bleach on my scalp was agonizing. My scalp felt really hot to the point that it feels like burning. But after all that I got the nice shade of blonde that I wanted so it was worth it. 🙂
  5. You’ll have to take good care of your hair — Since the bleaching process to go blonde greatly damages the hair, home treatment is a must if you want your hair to look at least a bit nice. I also use purple shampoo from time to time to maintain the color and avoid the unwanted brassy tones. I also put smoothing hair serum on my hair from time to time.

I was a bit scared before I tried this. Worst case scenario was I lose my hair. It was a good thing I let a professional do it  so it was less likely for that to happen. I really liked my hair after. I couldn’t that I actually got to have blonde hair. Now that I got that off my hair bucket list, I’m more confident to try other colors in the future.

Final piece of advice if you really want it go for it! Just be prepared and research, research, research thoroughly. As they say knowledge is power! 🙂