Be a Foodie: Sinsun

Late night after my bi-weekly session at the gym, me and my friend were looking for a place to eat. We were supposed to go to a Korean J Grill which was a Korean restaurant along Tomas Morato when we spotted the brightly lit sign of Sinsun Korean restaurant. We gave it a chance since we were curious about this well lit place. The place was empty for a 24 hour restaurant. We sat on a table on the second floor since that’s the area for the grilled meat. The are on the first floor was more for noodles.

Upon placing our orders we were given the customary Korean side dishes. Then our order of Galbi and the Kimchi Fried Rice arrived. After a while a few more side dishes came in the egg, the soup, and the salad. We were really excited about all this food in front of us.


I normally order samgyeopsal the only time I didn’t was when we ate at Namoo House. The galbi which is priced at only Php 480 tastes really good! At first when I saw it being cooked I thought we needed more meat but our single order was already good for two. The lettuce served with the meat had great quality and looks really fresh. We were also served two dips for the galbi the red paste and the sesame oil & salt dip.


I was really excited to see Kimchi Fried Rice on their menu because I lot Kimchi Fried Rice. The taste is alright. I added some of the kimchi that was served as a side dish to make it a bit spicier and it tasted really good! I also tried putting some of the Kimchi Fried Rice in the galbi lettuce thing and it tasted amazing! Try it! Try it! Try it! I swear it’s delicious!


Overall this was one of the best budget Korean restaurants I’ve tried! We’re so glad to have discovered this place. Two days after our first visit we went back here again because we really enjoyed eating here. We ordered both the galbi and samgyeopsal. After trying the galbi I couldn’t enjoy my samgyeopsal like before because the galbi tastes so good! 😛

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