Be a Foodie: FOO’D

Last December me and a friend decided to splurge a little for our lunch and ate at FOO’D. FOO’D offers Michelin rated food at an affordable rate. You have a choice between a 3-course or a 4-course tasting menu and then upgrades for the dishes per course. We got the 4-course tasting menu. I upgraded my antipasti but for the rest of the courses I got the standard.


I really enjoyed the Cipolla Carmellata which is a carmelized onion drizzled with the Grana Padano Hot Cream and topped with the 24 aged Grana Padano Gelato. I didn’t notice that I was eating an onion. It was like a croissant due to the multiple layers of the onion and its crispy texture. It was sweet, hot, and cold.

The Battuta of Shrimp is a shrimp tartare with lime and carrot ginger and parsely jus on the side. It tasted fresh and the sweetness of the shrimp is balanced by the lime.


The Cacio E Pepe is a spaghetti with horseradish, lemon sauce topped with pecorino romano cheese and freshly cracked black pepper. This pasta had an interesting flavor. You could really pinpoint each flavor but they still blended well with one another. I never really thought I’d enjoy horseradish until I tasted this dish.


The Iberico Pork Ribs  is served with Porcini sauce. I loved how the Iberico Pork Ribs was so tender and so rich in flavor.


Another very interesting dish was the Lemon Curd. The lemon curd was topped with dehydrated meringue and on the side was the lettuce gelato on a bed of cacao crumble. Naturally the lemon curd was sour but the meringue helped neutralized the taste. The lettuce gelato was just amazing I never thought that a lettuce could be turned into a dessert.

Not only was the food great but the service was impeccable. Each time a course was served it was accompanied with an explanation of the dish. This was a top quality dining experience made affordable. Next time I’d want to explore more on their upgrades because they have so much other great dishes besides the standard for the coursed meals. 🙂

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