Be a Wanderer: Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2016

Last year we went to the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival for Valentine’s Day. We slept over at my friend’s house at Pampanga the day before so that we can avoid the super early morning drive to Clark Pampanga on the day of the festival.

We were at the venue at around 5AM and the place was already packed! We looked for a spot near the departure area of the hot air balloons. It’s a good thing we packed some mats since the grass was a bit damp because of the morning due. There’s not much to do while waiting since it’s really dark and only a few food stalls are open. We waited til around 6AM when the hot air balloons start to prepare for departure.

It was exciting seeing them prepare and anticipating for the moment wherein you get to see all these hot air balloons up in the air. By the time the hot air balloons are departing one by one everyone was already standing. Each person trying to capture this wonderful moment. Those nearest the barrier were lucky since their shots won’t be obstructed by the crowd.

It was such an amazing sight to see. From the sun rising as the balloons are being filled with hot air to seeing all these hot air balloons in the sky getting smaller and smaller as they fly off to their destination. DSC_0104.jpgdsc_0108dsc_0114

By 7AM we were already ready to leave the place. We passed by a couple of souvenir stalls on the way out and I decided to buy one of these makeshift mini hot air balloon.


If ever you’re going to catch this year’s Hot Air Balloon Festival make sure to come in really early, earlier than 5AM so that you can get a good spot for watching. Also be ready, bring mats, pack snacks, and prepare entertainment that you can use while waiting. 🙂