Be a Foodie: Carnivale

Inspired by the joy of childhood, Carnivale brings back the experience of being in a carnival to adults and children alike. This new restaurant located at S Maison offers a unique menu that focuses on the enjoyment of their guest. I was invited to try their best sellers and I can’t wait to go back and try their other dishes

When I first saw the restaurant I was so excited about the vibe of the place. The exterior and interior looked straight up like a carnival from their sign, to the cotton candy machine, to the cashier area where it says ‘Tickets’. Their menu is also in line with the theme. The menu is made up of a set of tarot cards!

The first dish we got to try is the French Onion Croquettas. Instead of the usual soup we have a french onion cream encrusted with nachos and french onion soup jam to go along with it.


French Onion Croquettas || Php 280

Next we got to try their Wangus Burger which has got to be one of the best burgers I’ve had in a while. The patty is made of 70% Angus beef and 30% Wagyu fat. The two components produce a very juicy patty while their overall process of making the patty, which they demonstrated in front of us, produces a flavorful meat.



Wangus Burger || Php 360

We got to try another burger which is the Gravalax Burger. I didn’t expect to enjoy this one as well. The salmon gravalax is really good and the bun has a different taste from the usual burger buns. It has a sweetness to it which really complimented the cured salmon.



Gravalax Burger || Php 380

Along with the burgers we also got to enjoy their fries. We were served with two different kinds the Salted Egg Fries, and the Truffle Fries. Both equally good and with distinct taste.



Salted Egg Fries || Php 220

For the dessert they served us their Ferrero Burger. This dessert was amazing and it really was like a was eating a Ferrero Rocher.


Ferrero Burger || Php 380

We also got free cotton candy which they give for free to the kids or to other diners when the place is not too busy. We also got to try a new cotton candy flavor that they were developing.which is a charcoal flavored cotton candy. It tasted sweet with a smokey flavor to it.

We only got to sample some of Carnivale’s dishes. They have so much more unique dishes up their sleeves. I also heard that they have a lemonade that changes color! I can’t wait to go back and try all the other food they have. 🙂

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