Be a Foodie: Mamou

For years now I’ve read and heard a lot of people rave about Mamou for their steaks. I’ve always kept the restaurant at the back of my mind for a special occasion to dine there. So I finally did and I’m a bit sad to say that it didn’t really reach my expectations.

We ordered the Wawa’s Prime Rib with the Healdsburg Harvest Salad on the side and Mashed Potato. We also got the highly recommended Lorenzo’s Truffle Cream Pasta.

The pasta was amazing practically how people describe it. You can really taste the truffles! The sauce is really well flavored and had the right amount of creaminess.

Lorenzo’ Truffle Cream Pasta || Php 395

I liked the Healdsburg Harvest Salad as well. The dressing is a berry vinaigrette which has a right amount of sweetness to it which was really enjoyable to eat.

Healdburg Harvest Salad || Included as side dish to the steak

I wasn’t able to get a shot of the mashed potato but they were great as well. It’s seasoned well and the potatoes were thoroughly mashed.

Actually I was only disappointed by the Wawa’s Prime Rib. We had it cooked in Medium Rare. It came out still looking a bit under cooked. The flavor was so-so and I found the meat a bit of a struggle to chew.

Wawa’s Prime Rib || Php 1650

Basically everything was good except for the steak which I’d expected to be above average. We did have the prime rib recooked to our liking but the taste, of course, is still the same.I’d probably go back again to try a different steak since the place has always been recommended to me, maybe it’ll taste better next time.

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