Be a Wanderer: Masungi Georeserve

Masungi Georeserve is one of the up and coming trails here in the Philippines. It’s easily accessible being a few hours away from Metro Manila and it offers a different kind of trekking experience to its visitors. When it first reached the masses everyone was really excited by the infamous “Duyan” which is a huge makeshift bridge identical to a duyan the Filipino term for a hammock. Masungi Georeserve became open to visitors around the January last year. I remember trying to reserve online back then and the earliest open weekend was around August. (which means we’ll have to wait for more than  6 months!)

I’m sure a lot of blogs out there already talk about what to expect in Masungi so I’m just going to talk about the highlights our trek or basically the things we did that I remember.

  • We did a lot of climbing both up and down. Our first taste of adventure was climbing a net to continue our path. Even to reach the Duyan we had to climb down from a monolith.DSC_0056.jpg
  • The view you get to see. There are a lot of areas in Masungi with great view so just remember to bask in the beauty of nature. Take your time per area and have fun. Take loads of pictures! (But also don’t take SUPER long there’s another group waiting to enjoy the area as well)DSC_0897.jpg
  • Sapot – it’s a big net weaved in a shape similar to a spider’s web. Honestly I was semi-scared while I was walking through this since I was afraid of heights and I can see the bottom from the net. The bounce factor was both fun and scary for me at the same time. It was like I was in a trampoline. 🙂DSC_0834.jpg
  • Duyan – it was a challenge going to and leaving this area or maybe it’s because I was just so scared that my foot would slip through ones of the holes. The view once you’re settled in the Duyan is amazing. It’s something you don’t see anywhere so sit back relax (find your sweet spot in the Duyan it can be challenging since the knots are poking at your back.)DSC_0105.jpg
  • Tatay –  this is one of the 3 peaks and the tallest in Masungi. This also has the best view of the whole Masungi Georeserve area. There’s a monolith beside it which you could go to easily and get amazing picture with the view of the area. It seemed easy seeing my friend do it. Even standing up on it so I challenge myself to go there as well. I was assisted by the our guide and I was really shaking. It’s just a small space for one person with sharp uneven surface. I was successful in getting on top of the monolith though I was just sitting the whole time. I did’t attempt to take any picture standing up since I know my legs are going to shake uncontrollably. But nevertheless I stilled conquered this and I’m really proud and happy because of this moment. 🙂DSC_0224

Rain or shine we pushed through with our trek and this bunch was up for all the adventure Masungi had in store for us. It was a fun experience and definitely worth the wait and the money (the rate is Php 1400 per person minimum of 7 people in a group.) The trek took around 4 hours to finish so by the take we finished the sun has already set and the area was getting darker. It was like the usually hiking trips to summits or mountain peaks but more refined since the path was already paved properly and they took on measures to make sure that the area is safe. Structures such as bridges and the nets for climbing are already present and well maintained as well. I’d really recommend this trip if you’re just trying to get into the whole hiking thing. They also have some cool features you don’t see anywhere else (Sapot & Duyan plus I read they were adding some other features/areas).