Be a Foodie: Nadai Fujisoba

Nadai Fujisoba is a Japanese noodle restaurant that came all the way from Japan. It’s first branch here is located at Bonifacio Highstreet and they have another branch at SM Aura. I was fortunate enough to sample their soba which people might mistake for ramen but their totally different. First and foremost soba noodles is made with buckwheat flour,  which is a good source of protein and vitamins, giving it is distinct brown color. The dish itself has a lighter flavor than ramen. Besides soba they also prepare udon and various other dishes such as tempura and donburi.


I ordered a Hiyashi Niku Fuji Soba. I opted for a cold soba because it’s very fitting to the tropical weather of the  Philippines. I really enjoy this dish, like I mentioned the flavor is lighter which meant I was able to eat more and wasn’t easily filled by what I was eating. You’d think things would get weird because of the cold broth but it’s quite enjoyable as well.

Hiyashi Niku Fuji Soba || Php 260

My friend ordered an Aka Fuji Soba, hot this time and there’ll always be this warm fuzzy feeling when drinking the hot broth. It has a bit more spice than my broth but still has the same light flavor.

Aka Fuji Soba || Php 260

We also got the 0-Ebit Ten Tempura which is this humongous tiger prawn. It was bigger than my palm. Tempura has never been a part of my go to Japanese dish but their tempura is really good. Besides the size of the tiger prawn, the flour that they used came all the way from Japan — preserving the quality of a Japanese tempura. The outside of the tempura was still crunchy even though it’s been minutes since the food was served (because we opted to dig into our soba first)

0 – Ebi Ten || Php 360

We also got to try the Chikuwa Ten Tempura which is made out of their fish cakes. It’s something I haven’t tried before and it’s good as a snack.

Chikuwa Ten || Php 150

My friend ordered an Asahi Beer. I’m not a beer person so I would never order this automatically. The beer and tempura combination is really great. It adds another layer of enjoyment to the experience.

Asahi Super Dry || Php 140

For dessert we were served with their Matcha and Kuro Goma ice cream.


The Matcha Ice Cream has a very rich and thick matcha flavor. This will come as a delight to all matcha lovers out their.It carries the depth of flavor of the matcha tea that you have in Japan.

Matcha Ice Cream || Php 100

The Kuro Goma ice cream is black sesame. It’s really good and flavorful as well. If you’re not a fan of Matcha try this flavor instead.

Kuro Goma Ice Cream || Php 100

I really enjoyed my dining experience at Nadai Fujisoba. They have quality ingredients producing top notch dishes that brings the true Japanese flavors here in the Philippines. In terms of price their food is quite affordable for the great food they put out! 🙂

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