Be Artsy: Watercolor Sessions by TinB

I’m not that good with art in general but I’m always looking for a way to express my creativity. Recently I’ve taken an interest in watercolor painting because of my friend from work, Tin. I attended her first ever Watercolor Session wherein I learned basic floral techniques.

First thing she taught us was the different types of paper which was surprisingly quite important. I didn’t realize it while she was explaining them but while we were doing the exercises I noticed the difference that the type of paper could make. We also talked about the brushes and paints that can be used in water coloring

After that we proceeded with the process of making loose florals. We learned how to create different types of flowers like roses and lotus. She also taught us how to make different kinds of leaves.


As an exercise, we were given 15 minutes to apply what we learned. I decided to make a wreath. 🙂

We also learned about the different mixtures and watercolor techniques specifically glazing and wet on wet. Personally I preferred the wet on wet technique since I found it easier to do than glazing. I’m also a bit impatient so waiting for the layers to dry when doing glazing was hard for me too.


For our last activity we had the choice of making either a rose, lily, peony, or cactus. I chose the cactus which was fairly simple but was a bit tedious because of its numerous petals.

I really enjoyed the workshop and I could see myself still doing this on my spare time specifically the loose florals. They’re so easy to do and you don’t necessarily have to be good with drawing in order to make a good looking flower. I also like how Tin teaches aside from being generous in terms of techniques, she’s also very encouraging towards her students.


I’ve done oil painting in Cambodia, and acrylic painting with Sip and Gogh but it was my first time trying watercolor painting. I’m looking forward to another watercolor session with Tin hopefully animals next time. 🙂

Oh and here’s a video to cap off the workshop. 🙂