Be a Wanderer: Taiwan Part 1 – Taichung

We went to Taichung for our first day in Taiwan. We were supposed to spend the day around the west area of the New Taipei City but our driver for that tour wasn’t available so I switched the date with our Taichung tour. Taichung is a few hours away from Taipei. We took the Taiwan HSR going there and hired a driver to take us to the different places we wanted to visit in Taichung. I had so much fun during our first day and I really wished that we had more time to explore Taichung.​

Rainbow Village


Years agoΒ these villages were occupied by soldiers and their families. However a few years back the government had given the land to companies and the families were relocated. Mr Huang, one of the last few residents, hand painted the walls of the empty village.Β The paintings were discovered by people and as it started to get more attraction, the government decided to suspend the demolition of the village. πŸ™‚


This colorful village is a nice place to take pictures and can brighten up anyone’s day. Be sure to visit this spot! It’s near the Taichung HSR station and there’s no entrance fee. πŸ™‚

Houli Flower Farm


I’m a sucker for flowers so of course I’ll be visiting a place like this. Houli Flower Farm is a big area filled with flowers. Besides the flowers there are a lot of props around that helps take your floral pictures to the next level. It’sΒ an easy drive from the city, about an hour away.


Lots of picture perfect moments such as this piano in the middle of the lavender field. πŸ™‚

Chun Shui Tang



The first ever pearl milk tea originated from a shop in Taichung called Chun Shui Tang. I ordered a hot pearl milk tea because of the cool weather. I’ve always loved milk tea here in the Philippines. It’s my first time trying outside the country and the taste is really good. The flavors are simple but it’s very strong and there’s enough sweetness to balance the usual bitterness of tea.




Miyahara is a shop in Taichung that sells ice cream, tea, and various desserts. The food is a bit expensive even our driver advised us to not buy anything because of the price. We went there for the interior which looked amazing.

Luce Memorial Chapel


Luce Memorial Chapel is located inside Tunghai University. It reminded me of the Church of Gesu in Ateneo. It has an amazing design and is created by I.M. Pei the same guy that designed the glass pyramid in Louvre.


National Taichung Theater


Another wonderful architecture in Taichung is the National Taichung Theather. Both exterior and interior have an amazing design. The inside has a lot of places for goers to relax. Aside from being an opera house, there are also small exhibits within the building such as these hand-painted saxophones when we went there.


Feng Chia Night Market


One of the most recommended night market in Taichung. There are a lot of tasty food options here. Plus they com in cheap. It’s the perfect place to unleash your inner foodie. Here are some of the food we were able to try.


These are like chicken nuggets with a sauce on top. We chose the honey mustard. It’s made on the spot and served piping hot.


Angus beef on a stick. It had a simple flavor with the salt seasoning.


Squid. This comes in different flavors. πŸ™‚


Strawberries with condensed milk. Didn’t expect them to be really good and sweet.


I had such a great time in Taichung. There’s so many places to see and I wish we had more time to explore the area. We also had a great driver. He wasn’t that fluent in English but he really tries to communicate and tell us the story of Taichung.


The daytrip to Taichung is a bit trying because of the early train ride. We took a 7:30AM train via Taiwan HSR to Taichung. It’s an hour trip from Taipei to Taichung nevertheless the long trip was worth it to see the beauty Taichung has to offer. πŸ™‚