Be a Kikay: Fitting Room Diaries – 042217

I’m not much of a #ootd person but I love taking pictures in the fitting room. This all started because I tend to show my mom the clothes I want to buy before getting them. All girls need that mom stamp of approval. As years pass I developed a style of my own and taking pictures just became a habit. At the same time it helps me visualize the clothes and see if it looks good on me or not. I decided to post about this because I need an outlet for all the clothes that I try on. This is basically my inner monologue when I try on clothes. 😁

Zara – Rockwell

I was on the fence on whether or not I should buy this dress. It’s from Zara’s knitwear. It’s free, simple, and a bit flowy. Ultimately I found it a bit too expensive. Maybe when it goes on sale I’ll buy it.


I was already decided on buying this but I had to make sure it looks good. I tried a similar design but in a different color (plain dark blue) when I was in Zara – Taipei 101 branch. It’s knitwear and can be a bit too hot to wear this time of year but with it’s classic design I’m sure I can easily wear it in the future.


Just came back from Taipei definitely still not over the Chinese culture but ultimately I didn’t buy this.

Cute top but I don’t feel it enough to splurge on it.

No 😦

This is my third time trying on this top. I love the print and colors but I don’t like that it’s a crop top. This time I’m trying on a medium size, even if normally I’m a XS or S, for the length so that I’m not showing my belly button. But no it looks too big on me.
Mango – Rockwell


I’ve been looking for a white blazer. The sleeves are too long and folding them doesn’t really look good.

This looks so nice in the picture but the strap is a bit to hard to manage. It doesn’t lock in place and tends to fall off.

I like this checkered dress. The length is perfect and it matches well with my shoes. ❤

I’ve always wanted a dress like this. But this dress only looks good in this pose when I stand in a normal way it doesn’t look that good on me. 😦