Be a Cinephile: Girlboss (Netflix TV Series)

I’ve run out of things to watch fortunately Girlboss came out last April 21 on Netflix. I was able to binge watch it in a couple of hours granted that I often used the fast forward button. Anyway it’s not because I got bored or anything I just couldn’t wait to know what happened next. That’s just me being me.

*Warning there are spoilers ahead*


Looking past the obscene language and bad attitude of Sophia Amoruso, the titular Girl Boss. I think this show really speaks to me not just as a girl but also as a millennial. It’s so much more than living comfortably doing nothing. You could quickly surmise that Sophia is lazy or she’s not a good role model, having seen her realize that she doesn’t need to get a job if she successfully pulls off the ebay business. But doing what she did, running her business was no way easy or comfortable.

Girl Boss 2

Watching her run and deliver the orders  herself just so it makes it on time is dedication. Hearing her complain about her customer but still act professional towards them shows good attitude towards work. Seeing her bounce back from having been blocked in ebay to launching her own site is dedication.

girl boss 4

I’ve been seeing so many articles bashing the character and the story with words like entitled, narcissist, lazy, all linking to the supposed millennial attitude. But what’s wrong with wanting to do what you’re passionate about? What’s wrong with trying to find it?

girl boss 5.jpg

There’s a supposed pattern in life you’re born to this world, you go to school, you graduate, and you get a stable job. Sophia denounces that cycle and pursues something she feels passionate about. People underestimate her while she’s starting out and even when she’s getting some sort of success people still don’t take her seriously. I love how Sophia is a fighter, she’s so stubborn for her own good with her ‘I can do this’ attitude and that’s one of the reasons for her success. Although Nasty Gal eventually did file for bankruptcy, it doesn’t nullify Sophia’s success story. She’s much more than her business, Nasty Gal. She’s her own brand and it’s just a matter of her starting over with a new passion project.

So if you haven’t seen Girl Boss yet and you’re a bit skeptical because of the negative write-ups, try it yourself first give it an episode or two. If you don’t like Sophia maybe you’ll like the soundtrack instead which was amazing by the way. 🙂


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