Be a Foodie: Juju Eats

People usually associate salads with being on a diet. Well not me. I enjoy all types of food as long as they taste good. Sometimes I also get this craving for a healthier food option. I’m so glad to be finally trying out Juju Eats. I was in the Podium area a few weeks ago and was a bit hungry. Between my usual bagel and Juju Eats, I decided to try some good looking salad.

Since I’m going to be eating this on the go, I decided to order the wrap instead of the usual salad bowl. I went for Ay Caramba and ordered Big Boy for my friend (after hearing a fellow customer order it.)

img_9909.jpgAy Caramba! has a bit of kick into it with the jalapeno and all. It’s not that overpowering and it’s very tolerable. The nacho chips was a nice surprise to bite into. The dressing tastes good and overall I couldn’t help but dig into it.

Ay Caramba!||House Mix, Grilled Chicken, Nacho Chips, Jalapeno, Red Kidney Beans, Corn, Salsa, Grated Cheddar, Ay Caramba! Dressing
Ay Caramba! || Php220

Big Boy also tastes good! I almost asked to swap wraps with my friend. The dressing has a tiny bit of sweetness to it and was a nice break to the spiciness of Ay Caramba.

Big Boy || Romaine, Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Boiled Egg, Sun Dried Tomato, Grated Cheddar, Red Kidney Beans, French Dressing
Big Boy || Php 260

I definitely want to eat at Juju Eats again. The ingredients are fresh and the food is tasty. I also like that the wrap can completely satiate my hunger. I hope they open a store at Mckinley Hill. I’ll surely frequent they’re place. It’s rare to find a place that sells yummy healthy food with a good serving size and price.

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