Be a Wanderer: Taiwan – Part 2 New Taipei

During our second day in Taiwan we explored the area of New Taipei. New Taipei City is the Northern area in Taiwan surrounding the the city of Taipei. It’s the area where you see amazing rock formation, sky lanterns, and the inspiration for Spirited Away.

Yehliu Geopark

Yehliu Geopark is wide geological paradise which stretches for around 1,700 meters. It’s home to unique rock formations that was formed over the years due the impact of sea erosion.


The view here is very stunning and makes for a very nice backdrop to your travel pictures.


There are a lot of areas with different rock formations that you could explore here.


One of the most famous rock formations in the park in the Queen’s Head.


Travel Tip: Try to go here early. We arrived at around 9AM (the park opens as 8AM) there were already a lot of people in the park. By the time we left which is around 10:30AM there were so many people it was kind of hard to get a photo without much people in it.

Shifen Waterfall


Shifen Waterfall is one of the most famous waterfall in Taiwan and a popular stop if you’re heading to Shifen Old Street.


It’s a 15-minute hike from the parking to the waterfalls.

There are multiple observation decks wherein you could just relax and appreciate the view.

Shifen Old Street


Shifen Old Street is a stop along the Pingxi Branch Line. The tracks are a well-known place for releasing sky lanterns. Trains still pass by the tracks so people have to move out when there’s an incoming train.

It’s a busy street with a lot of shops selling sky lanterns, souvenirs, and food. I bought this peanut ice cream roll from one of the stalls. It’s really good!


It’s a bit crowded along Shifen Old Street but if you walk a bit further along the tracks there are less people and shops and more view of the mountain.



Our last stop for the day is Jiufen. It’s a former mining town situated on the mountain. The cramped streets lined with shop and tea houses are always bustling with tourists coming from all over the world.

Emei Street one of the busiest streets leads to the well known Jiufen A Mei Tea House. This tea house was the inspiration to the movie Spirited Away. The tea house looks amazing at night and tourists flock the area to take pictures with it as the background.

We stayed at the tea house across the A Mei Tea House to get a good view of the teahouse. It was a bit cold already since it’s night time so we ordered a hot Royal Milk Tea.

Another wonderful day in Taiwan. I love all the places that we visited. I was amazed by Yehliu Geopark it is by far the biggest rock formation area I have ever seen and it’s quite unbelievable how they’re all formed in the same area.


The releasing of sky lanterns is a tradition I’ve always wanted to experience ever since I watched Tangled so I was really excited to do it here in Taiwan.


I especially loved Jiufen even if all we did was walk around the streets and shop and probably drink milk tea from time to time. I really love the vibe of the place. My favorite moment was something that I wasn’t able to capture with my camera. We were on the car going back to Taipei. As we were driving away from Jiufen, you could see the mist slowly enveloping the town and tucking it away in the mountains.


Travel Tip: The route we took (Yehliu Geopark -> Shifen -> Jiufen) is not the usual path that is advised by drivers. We specifically did it this way because we wanted to experience Jiufen’s beauty at night. We didn’t have much lunch options at Shifen but really you need to see Jiufen at night it’s very beautiful.