Be a Foodie: Amici

Growing up I remember eating with my family frequently at Amici along Tomas Morato. My favorites were the Al Quattro Formaggi and the Spinach Pasta (which I don’t see anymore from the menu, it’s not the canneolloni) Now Amici comes up with a new set of menu which is guaranteed to be part of your favorites. I was fortunate enough to be invited to try it out. Here’s a rundown of the their new food.

The Italian Burger 

The Italian Burger || Php 368

The unique point of this burger is the patty. The patty contains Italian Sausage that adds a bit of  spice into the burger.

Bacon and Cheese Gnocchi ❤

Bacon & Cheese Gnocchi || Php 368

First time I heard of gnocchi was in Masterchef. It’s an Italian pasta made of potato with a chewy texture. I can’t believe they have it here in Amici. This is one of my favorites from the new menu. The cheese and bacon flavor is really prominent. It’s a simple dish that’s a sure hit to both kids and adults.

Spinach Artichoke

Spinach Artichoke || Php 285

We got a flavorful spinach artichoke dip with crispy pizza crust wedges.

Pasta Nero 🙂

Pasta Nero || Php 398

Pasta Nero is a squid ink pasta topped with crunchy calamari. The sauce reminds me a lot of the squid dishes here in the Philippines. It has a distinct taste which is a bit different from squids I’ve tried abroad.

Spicy Italian Sausage Pizza

Spicy Italian Sausage || Php 468

This is one spicy pizza and to balance it there’s honey served on the side.

Seafood Diablo ❤

Seafood Diablo || Php 378

The sauce has a great balance of creamy tomato. The spiciness is a bit milder and it slowly kicks in compared to the Spicy Italian Sausage Pizza.

Bistecca Striploin Steak 🙂

Bistecca Striploin Steak || Php 795

When I bit into the steak I was amazed by how tender it is and the sauce taste amazing. The portion can easily fill up one person but can also be shared  if you’re planning to order other dishes.

I love how Amici constantly reinvents itself and brings us all these amazing Italian flavors. I can’t wait to go back here with my family and share my new favorites! 🙂

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