Be a Kikay: Beauty Hauls from Beauty MNL

This is my first time shopping online for beauty products. I never expected this from myself but ever since I got a credit card I’ve been much more open to shopping online (swimsuits, shoes, hair care). I made an impromptu purchase a few weeks ago at Beauty MNL and here’s what I got.

Acne Pimple Master Patch (COSRX)

Photo 24-04-2017, 9 59 02 PM.jpg

The reason why I got to the BeautyMNL page in the first place was because of a buy 1 take 1 promo on this product. I’ve always been curious of this little miracle worker. From what I know you put it on top of pimples and it saps pus away.

I tried these a couple of times already and I really like how they work. For those red bumps, they help prevent them from becoming full grown pimples. While for those grown pimples, they help speed up your skins recovery process.

Dove Hair Therapy Dry Shampoo Refresh+Care Volume & Fullness (Dove)

Photo 24-04-2017, 9 50 17 PM.jpg

Since I have a severely damaged hair due to years of hair coloring, I try to not to wash my hair daily. The problem with not washing my hair is that it easily greases up and looks flat. So I’ve always wanted to try dry shampoo and since I’m buying stuff online might as well include this.

I tried the dry shampoo several times already and I’m really happy because I can not wash my hair and have it looking normal. I also don’t have to tie my hair anymore due to lack of volume or greasiness.

Collagen Eye Zone Mask (Skinlite)

Photo 24-04-2017, 9 58 48 PM

I’ve always had a problem with dark circles under my eyes. It’s probably because I sleep late but even if I don’t they’re always there. I bought 3 packs of these eye mask thinking there was only 1 pair in one pack little did I know that there were 15 pairs. So I have around 45 days worth of eye mask.

I tried this for a few weeks ( I didn’t get to use them everyday because I tend to be lazy sometimes on my skin care routine) and I only see a little difference but it’s also hard to tell. But it’s okay they’re pretty relaxing to have on much similar to when I put on a face mask without the mouth problems. Plus they’re pretty cheap Php 100 for 15 pairs. 🙂

Clean It Zero (Banila Co.)

Photo 24-04-2017, 9 49 52 PM

I didn’t realize that this product was for washing of make-up from your face. I thought it was a facial cleanser. I haven’t used this that much because I don’t wear make-up just lipstick and some cheek stain which I can get off using my facial bar soap.

I did try it once. It feels good on the skin. After washing my face feels clean but soft. I’ll try to do a more thorough review in the future.

Blackhead Out Nose Patch (Dewytree)


I’m no stranger to nose patch/pore strips, having tried one before. I tried Dewytree’s nose patch and the experience is quite similar to what I’ve had before. Like before I’ve had a tough time getting it to stick properly on the sides of my nose so when I peel it off there’s some left over residue on parts of my nose.

Final Thoughts:  I had fun shopping at Beauty MNL. It’s great how they bring brands that can’t be usually found here in the Philippines and make it easily available to us Filipinos. Kudos to their amazing delivery service! I didn’t expect to receive my package right away (I made my order on a weekend and I got it the next business day.) Shopping for skin care is fun and I can’t wait to do a big haul when I go to Korea.