Be a Foodie: Taiwan Edition

When I mention travelling to Taiwan to people the usual response I get is that it’s a foodie experience. Although based from my trip to Taiwan there’s so much more to experience there besides the food like the culture and the various sites to see. The food experience is something that you shouldn’t miss. Here’s the different food/dishes I’ve tasted all throughout my trip.

Marking the must-try/recommended food with a heart ❤ Be sure to try those out!

Hot Pearl Milk Tea – Chun Shui Tang ❤

I really love the balance of flavors (the tea, sweetness, and the milk) in this drink. Make sure to try one of these! I’ve been trying to find a place here in the Philippines but nothing comes close to the one I’ve tried in Taiwan.

Chicken Nuggets – Feng Chia Night Market

Amazing piping hot chicken nuggets with honey mustard sauce perfect during a rainy cold night in Taiwan.

Angus Beef on a Stick – Feng Chia Night Market

This Angus Beef is seasoned with pink salt. It’s really tasty and quite cheap. I wasn’t able to take note of the actually price but I just remember thinking that it’s affordable.

Grilled Squid – Feng Chia Night Market

The squid is really tender with a light seasoning.

Strawberry on a Cup – Feng Chia Night Market


Didn’t expect to really enjoy this. The strawberries are drizzled in a sauce (I think it’s condensed milk)

Winter Gourd with Lemon Juice – Stall in the Shifen Waterfall Area ❤

This is really refreshing! Like the pearl milk tea, this has a well balanced flavor. I’m so accustomed to the sweet drinks here in the Philippines but this one’s really good as well without being too sweet. There’s a hint of lemon in it which doesn’t overpower the winter gourd, and makes the drink refreshing.

Peanut Ice Cream Roll – Stalls from Shifen Old Street ❤


The peanut ice cream roll is a nice snack to have once you’re done releasing your flying lanterns. The ice cream is rolled in peanut candy shavings, topped with coriander, and wrapped in a thin layer of wrapper. The ice cream has a light flavor that is complimented by the peanut candy shavings and coriander. I wanted to buy more of these but I wasn’t able to see one back in Taipei.

Deep Fried Ice Cream – Stalls from Shifen Old Street


This one’s just okay. If you like ice cream this is a fun way to eat them.

Hotdog on a Stick – Stalls from Jiufen


These hotdogs have a bit of sweetness to it. It’s okay.

Mochi with Chocolate Filling – Stalls from Jiufen

This tastes great with the strawberry but once the strawberry is gone it’s just okay.

Hot Royal Milk Tea – Tea house across Ah Mei Tea House ❤


We had this around early evening and the temperature has already dropped. This is a nice hot drink to have while enjoying the view of the Ah Mei Tea House.

Cold Milk Tea on a Tetrapack – Vending Machines around Taipei ❤


If you like the milk tea here in Taiwan you’ll enjoy this milk tea that’s available via the vending machine. It’s really convenient and easily available. I bought a lot of these during the days we were exploring Taipei.

Mango Shaved Ice with Panna Cotta – Smoothie House at Yong Kang Street

The taste of the mango is just okay and a bit on the sour, indian mangoes type. Didn’t enjoy this that much because I prefer the sweet flavor of mangoes here in the Philippines.

Avocado Toast – Fujin Tree 353 Cafe at Fujin Street


It’s my first time having Avocado Toast. It tastes a bit sour. I didn’t really enjoy this that much.

Truffle XLB, Chocolate XLB, Shrimp and Pork Wonton – Din Tai Fung at Taipei 101 ❤

The Truffle XLB is great much like the one here in Din Tai Fung PH branches. It’s my first time trying the Shrimp and Pork Wonton. I don’t think they have it here. It’s really good it’s a bit spicy but not too much that it hurts your throat. The Chocolate XLB here is not that sweet probably like dark chocolate. I prefer the sweet ones they serve here in the PH.