Be a Foodie: Baking Mum

Baking Mum is a collaboration between a young couple and one of their moms who loves cooking. Baking Mum combines the age old favorite, mojos, and special dips. Their special dips are a fun twist to your childhood favorite meals, such as Pizza and Lasagna, in dip version.

For the price Php 195 you get mojos and a dip which is perfect for sharing! If you’re not a fan of mojos they also have buttered bread and potato wedges as substitutes for Php 50.


For me I’ve always loved my mojos with a ranch dip but having it with the Baking Mum’s dip is the next best thing. Essentially their dips are cheese based with varying flavors. My favorite is their Buffalo Chicken which has that small hint of spiciness that you usually get from a Buffalo Chicken.

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