Be a Foodie: Tokyo Tempura

Starting out as a small food cart, Tokyo Tempura now has 70 branches including one at The Yard at Xavierville. They offer unlimited tempura, which started out as a marketing experiment when they noticed how Pinoys really love tempura when they eat at buffets. Aside from the unli tempura they also serve a selection of special tempura such as Salted Egg and California.


Since I’m not much of a fan of the normal tempura so I appreciate their selection of special tempura. I was able to try the Salted Egg Tempura and Crazy Tempura. The samples had two pieces of shrimp tempura per flavor. Their regular serving has more shrimp tempura pieces.


I was really curious about the Salted Egg Tempura since I love salted egg. Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed with the flavor or rather the lack of it.


I liked the Crazy Tempura the best. With the bonito flakes, mayo, and the sauce it reminded me a lot of an okonomiyaki.

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