Be a Foodie: Downtown & Halsted

Downtown & Halsted is more than just a food and drinks place. Getting inspiration from art, their food goes beyond the traditional limits. They combine various techniques and flavors to come up with a different experience for your palate. The place is well decorated with artworks and graffiti that evoke the same creativity as their food and drinks.


Conceptualized by bar owner and restaurateur Perry Quimbo, Downtown and Halsted is definitely not like any other resto-bar. For starters I really appreciate their support for the arts. They display artworks from artists for free which is a nice way for artists to showcase their art.


And of course the food, I really enjoyed trying new flavors. They served us different items from their menu. Their food menu is curated by Chef Marco while for the cocktails it’s Jason Gray. I’ll be identifying my favorites among them with a <3.


Mushroom Soup || Php 250


Thick mushroom soup with a bit of texture.

Tikka Wrap || Php 240


This is a healthy food option. Inside the wrap are fresh and crisp vegetables along with chicken. The chicken is moist but I wished it had a bit more flavor.

Portobello and Quinoa Salad || Php 250 ❤


I don’t usually enjoy quinoa despite all its health benefits but I really loved this dish. The quinoa had a great flavor which has light kind of soy sauce taste (but it’s a bit more complicated than that)

Pork Skewer || Php 150


The pork skewers had a unique flavor something that I didn’t expect from the usually array of flavors of grilled food.

Chicken Skewer || Php 150


The chicken skewers had a balance of sweet and salty flavors.

Lengua Skewer || Php 250 ❤


All of their skewers had amazing flavors but if I had to pick a favorite it would be their Lengua Skewer. The lengua is cooked to tenderness. It is served with Ponzu Honey Sauce which elevates the flavor of the lengua.

Spiced Black Mussels with Fresh Chili and Curry Leaves || Php 250


The clams were fresh and had a slight spicy flavor.

Crispy Pork Knuckles || Php 580 ❤


It’s crispy and juicy, everyone’s guilty pleasure. This is  perfect to share with the group.

Baby Back Ribs || Php 580 ❤


The meat is tender and has that familiar sweet baby back ribs flavor. It’s served with mashed potatoes which had a creamy buttery flavor.

Chorizo Pasta || Php 385 ❤


Delicious white sauce with bits of chorizo. This pasta has a well balanced and light flavor. Because the flavor was light I didn’t feel full munching down to this even though there were already a lot of other food served before this. Usually I don’t get to finish my pasta because the sauce is a bit heavy and I get full halfway through but I could see myself ordering and finishing this dish. 🙂

Seafood Pasta || Php  350 ❤


For me the highlight of the dish is the pasta which is handmade arugula fettucini. It goes well with the thick creamy sauce and the seafood.

Eastside Elevation ❤


I loved the light flavor of this drink with hints of lime and cucumber. It’s really refreshing.

Gin & Tonic


The gin & tonic had a simple flavor a bit like sparkling water but has a slight bitter taste.

Information: Downtown & Halsted
Address: 26 Rizal Dr, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila
Opening Hours: Everyday 11AM – 3AM

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