Be a Wanderer: Tea Ceremony Festival

I’m just realizing now how lucky we were to be able to experience a Tea Ceremony Festival during our trip to Japan last year. I’ve bee looking for a similar event for our trip this year and I couldn’t find one during the dates of our trip this year.


During our visit, the Tea Ceremony Festival was held at Hama Rikyu Gardens besides experiencing the Tea Ceremony there are other activities and exhibits prepared for the attendees. A lot of  locals were present for the festival and some were even wearing kimonos.


First thing we did was join a tea ceremony for beginners. There a small fee of ¥300. They first demonstrated the whole tea ceremony from the making of the tea to the actual drinking. Then we got to do it ourselves. I didn’t imagine how tiring the whisking process was. I really liked the sweet snacks or wagashi that we got to eat before drinking the tea.

My Mom and I were able to meet this obasan who we talked to for a bit after the tea ceremony.


From the tea ceremony we signed up to some of the other activities available Kumihimo Bracelet Making and Kimono Wearing. While waiting we roamed around the park and saw a couple of other things like the bonsai exhibit, and this palanquin which you can ride and the two volunteers will lift it while you’re in it.


We got to try an actual kimono for free! Good thing we made the cut because there’s only a limited amount of people who can sign up. The actual kimono looks nice and authentic. We were able to roam around the park and take pictures while wearing the kimono!




During our visit to Japan, Kimi no Na wa was just release a few months before and was all the rage. One of the most memorable items from the movie was the kumihimo bracelet. We were taught by a famous kumihimo maker. I wasn’t able to catch his name but I remember them saying that he makes kumihimo for the Imperial family of Japan.

It was a bit challenging at first but once you concentrate and find your rhythm it’s quite easy to make!


Spending the day at the Tea Ceremony Festival was one of the highlights of our trip. We got to immerse ourselves in the Japanese culture and got to interact with them as well. I also liked the unique activities we got to try like the kumihimo bracelet making! If there’s a festival of any sort when you visit make sure to go aside from the activities, the people and the food are also other things you shouldn’t miss! 🙂