Be a Kikay: April Skin’s Turn Up Color Treatment Demo and Review

Last August when I went to Korea, I decided to buy April Skin’s Turn Up Color Treatment for fun. April Skin’s Turn Up Color Treatment is not your average hair color dye. Since it’s actually a treatment it doesn’t damage your hair and it actually nourishes the hair!


I’ve always had my hair colored at a salon but I notice that it tends to fade after a few weeks so I gave this self hair coloring a try. Watch my review and a quick demo on how to use the product.

After the whole experience I decided to purchase the other colors and in greater quantity to make sure I get to color all of my hair. I’m still waiting for my order to arrive but once it does I’ll probably make a follow up video. 🙂


I tried the product a few more times and made a follow up review video which summarizes my overall experiences with the product.